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Zhailei's Fanfiction Index

Organised by fandom, in alphabetical order. Fandoms include:

Andromeda, Arrested Development, Arrow, Avengers, Battlestar Galactica, Brothers & Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Covert Affairs, Dark Angel, DCU, Dead Like Me, Diplomatic Immunity, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Doom, Everwood, Farscape, Firefly, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Glee, Gossip Girl, Greek, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, In Plain Sight, Legend Of The Seeker, Life, Make It Or Break It, Marvel 616, Merlin, The Middleman, The Mindy Project, Miss Match, NCIS, New Girl, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, The O.C., The Office, Once Upon a Time, One Tree Hill, Parks And Recreation, Pretty Little Liars, Princess Protection Program, Psych, Rookie Blue, Roswell, She's The Man, Smallville, Snow White: A Tale Of Terror, Sports Night, Star Trek: Reboot, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Super Best Friends Forever, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Tin Man, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, The West Wing, Wizards Of Waverly Place, plus crossovers and RPF.


Never Happened (Harper/Andromeda - PG-13 - 100 words) There's one way to take Harper's mind off the Magog. Spoilers up to episode 2:2 - Exit Strategies.

Arrested Development

How To Be A Bluth (Michael/Lindsay - R - 1646 words) Lindsay never really wanted to be a Bluth. Well, sort of. Spoilers for all three seasons of Arrested Development.

I Enjoy Being (Insert Here) (Michael/Lindsay - PG-13 - 1169 words) Two things Lindsay tried to be, and one she didn't have to (but did anyway).

The Brief Tale Of The Not-So-Maidenly Lindsay And Her Knight In Shining Armour (Michael/Lindsay - PG - 175 words) Lindsay had never really felt like a Bluth. Spoilers for all three seasons of Arrested Development.

We Could Do The Tango (Michael/Lindsay - R - 475 words) Sometimes, it's about saying goodbye.


Are You On My Side (Oliver, Thea - PG-13 - 6033 words) Thea discovers Ollie's secret. Sidekicking ensues. Diverges from canon early in season one.


Scavenger Hunting Is Extremely Likely Disastrous (S.H.I.E.L.D) (Darcy/Sif - PG-13 - 1792 words) Nobody ever owns up to starting the scavenger hunt, but given that the first item is "procure fully weaponised robot armour," it's a safe bet that Tony's the one to blame.

Battlestar Galactica

After Me Comes The Flood (Helo/Sharon - PG - 189 words) Helo didn't mind the rain. Spoilers up to episode 1:12 - Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part One).

Arrangements (Helo/Sharon - G - 600 words) There's more to marriage than finding the courage to propose - especially when your girlfriend currently lives in a (nicely-furnished) cell. Takes place between seasons two and three.

Athena (Helo/Sharon - PG - 364 words) There are some things better left unknown. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - Torn.

Base Camp (Helo/Sharon, Anders/Kara - PG - 665 words) An impromptu game aboard Galactica. Spoilers up to episode 3:4 - Exodus (Part Two).

Buy Now Pay Later (Sharon, Kara - PG - 350 words) Sharon, Kara, and drinking games. Set pre-series.

Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead (Resurrection Remix) (Racetrack - PG-13 - 1135 words) First thing they tell you is to assume you're already dead. A remix of Into The Underworld by [personal profile] rose_griffes. Spoilers up to episode 4:13 - The Oath.

Dragon Wars: D-War (Realistic Projection Remix) (Ensemble - PG-13 - 3833 words) There's a dragon on board Galactica. A remix of The Stories We Tell by [ profile] lls_mutant. Set during season one. Spoilers up to episode 4:15 - No Exit.

Eight (Sharon - PG-13 - 367 words) There are things she knows. Not all of them are true. Spoilers up to episode 2:6 - Home (Part One).

I'm Afraid I Think I'm (More Human Than Human Remix) (Boomer - PG-13 - 250 words) It's not like she was the only one keeping secrets. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Scattered. A remix of Five Things That Never Happened To Sharon Valerii (#3) by [ profile] projectjulie.

Interface (Anders, Tory, Sharon, Tyrol, Lee, Kara - R - 1210 words) Being human is all about making connections, and he's pretty sure there are no wires underneath his skin. Spoilers up to episode 3:20 - Crossroads (Part Two).

Model (Helo/Sharon - G - 100 words) Maybe Sharon can't have her old life back just yet, but that doesn't mean she can't remember. Spoilers up to episode 2:7 - Home (Part Two).

Mutiny, I Promise You (Lee/Racetrack - R - 1653 words) Galactica's lack of privacy wasn't exactly news to Maggie. Spoilers up to episode 2:4 - Resistance.

Nothing Else (Helo/Sharon, Lee/Kara - NC-17 - 1809 words) There's a serial killer on board the fleet. AU.

Private Security (Lee/Kara - NC-17 - 2532 words) Pulling private security detail is just about the worst punishment Kara can think of. At least, it was supposed to be. Takes place around mid-season one. No real spoilers.

Reset (Ensemble - PG-13 - 8793 words) A Cylon nanovirus infiltrates Galactica, erasing the crew's memories. Spoilers up to episode 2:7 - Home (Part Two).

Restless (Lee/Boomer - NC-17 - 1289 words) A few days after the Cylons attack, everything starts to blur a little at the edges. Spoilers up to episode 1:1 - 33, plus a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to episode 4:20 - Daybreak.

Ring (Hold Infinity In Your Hand) (Helo, Tyrol - G - 170 words) In the end, they'd never really been fighting over the same girl. Takes place between seasons two and three.

Rush (Helo/Sharon - PG-13 - 1460 words) Five times Helo never kissed Sharon (and one time she didn't kiss him). Spoilers up to episode 1:4 - Act Of Contrition.

She Will Be Loved (Sharon - PG - 374 words) Five people Sharon never fell in love with. Spoilers up to episode 2:7 - Home (Part Two).

Sleeper (Anywhere But Here Remix) (Anders, Boomer - PG-13 - 1246 words) I'm a frakking Cylon. A remix of Empty. Vulnerable. Missing Something. by [ profile] aprilleigh24. Spoilers up to episode 4:20 - Daybreak.

So Jealous (Helo/Sharon - PG - 466 words) She wonders if he tastes like apple. Spoilers for the very first part of the miniseries.

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Crashdown/Boomer - NC-17 - 950 words) "I'm not a Cylon." She says it the way she might have said I'm flying CAP tomorrow, like it's nothing of great importance. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - Flesh And Bone, including deleted scenes.

They Shoot Cylons, Don't They? (The Forgiveness & Stuff Remix) (Lee, Boomer - PG-13 - 885 words) He doesn't expect to see one of the toasters helping them, and he doesn't recognise her; he learned to block out her face, the particular way she smiled, long ago. A remix of Forgiveness by [personal profile] sabaceanbabe. Written for [ profile] bsg_remix. Spoilers up to episode 2:20 - Lay Down Your Burdens (Part Two); slightly AU for season three.

To The Black (Helo/Sharon - PG - 706 words) Helo doesn't mind being ECO. And it has nothing at all to do with the pretty new recruit. Seriously.

Wonderfalls (Helo/Sharon - NC-17 - 1236 words) Helo and Sharon come across a waterfall on Caprica. Spoilers up to episode 1:1 - 33.

You've Got A Bad Poker Face (But I'm Not Playing To Win) (Anders/Racetrack - PG-13 - 160 words) If you can't be with the one you love.

Brothers & Sisters

And She Was (Rebecca - PG-13 - 5275 words) Justin discovers a time capsule video Rebecca made in high school. Set during early season two.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Beauty Queen (Through The Looking Glass Remix) (Buffy - PG - 200 words) Buffy competes in the Hemery High Beauty Pageant. A remix of Mirror Mirror, On The Wall by [ profile] scribblesinink.

Burn, Don't Freeze (Buffy/Faith - PG-13 - 100 words) It's easy to keep warm, at first.

Demons And Hellmouths And Ex-Boyfriends (Buffy, Riley, Sam - PG-13 - 4152 words) Not all Hellmouths are created equal. Set post-Chosen.

Depth Perception (The Pursuit Of Happiness Remix) (Xander/Buffy - PG - 330 words) Even if it's not the Bronze, she can close her eyes, and pretend. A remix of Misery And Happiness by [ profile] allfireburns.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn (Spike/Buffy - PG - 199 words) Buffy will always have to make the hard decisions.

Spark (Ensemble - G - 308 words) Xander builds a robot.

The End Of The World, In Five Steps Or Less (Xander/Buffy - PG-13 - 1742 words) Five battles Buffy fought after the end of the world. Spoilers for all seasons of BtVS and AtS, plus the season eight comics.

Covert Affairs

Under Covers (Annie, Auggie - PG - 3058 words) Auggie's sick (but not if you ask him). Annie's playing nurse (but not if you ask her).

Dark Angel

Cake (or, Other Four-Letter Words) (Alec/Max - PG-13 - 904 words) She blames Normal for all of this. Spoilers up to episode 2:21 - Freak Nation.

Consolation Prize (Original Cindy/OFC - PG - 230 words) "She is so checking me out."

Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning) (Alec/Max - R - 1487 words) A little friendly competition never hurt anybody, right?

Loyalties And Marinara Sauce (Bizarre Love Triangle Remix) (Logan, Alec, Max - PG - 250 words) "So what is this, a two man job or something?" A remix of Loyalties And Marinara Sauce by [ profile] amory_vain.


A Dinosaur, A Giant Penny, And Two Hundred Chocolate Eggs (Stephanie, Dick, Damian, Cass - PG - 2306 words) The great Bat-Easter egg hunt. Set vaguely pre-reboot.

Heavily Armoured (Dick/Stephanie - PG - 404 words) Batman doesn't hug. Set during Steph's Batgirl run.

I Must Belong Somewhere (Dick/Rose - R - 1273 words) Dick visits Rose at Titans Tower. Set post-Renegade arc in Nightwing.

No One Takes Your Freedom (Koriand'r, Donna - PG-13 - 1906) Donna and Kory bust up an intergalactic slave trading ring. (With a little help from the rest of the Titans. Arguably.) Set pre-reboot.

Team Building 101; or, Titans Together! (Stephanie, Cass, Donna, Wally, Mia, Connor, Koriand'r - PG - 2071 words) Once a Titan, always a Titan. (Or, this is what some of the missing characters have been up to in the New 52. Hint: It isn't 'not existing.' Or at least, for everyone except Donna it isn't.) Set post-reboot.

The Thrill Can Kill (Dick/Stephanie - PG - 2663 words) Steph's used to Batman suddenly appearing in her bedroom. Set during Steph's Batgirl run.

Dead Like Me

Half Life (The Death Or Something Like It Remix) (Mason/George - PG - 200 words) It's a little bit broken. A remix of What It All Comes Down To by [ profile] ineffort.

Diplomatic Immunity

Occupied (Ensemble - PG-13 - 3209 words) Leilani starts an Occupy Fe'ausi movement. Chaos ensues. (Obviously.)

Doctor Who

Genealogy (Eight - G - 100 words) "I'm half-human." Spoilers up to episode 4:13 - Journey's End.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Doctor Who - Ten, Rose - PG - 1431 words) Not exactly the North Pole.

Supersonic (Rose/Sarah Jane - PG-13 - 100 words) There are many uses for a sonic screwdriver (or sonic lipstick).


Evidence Of Things Not Seen (Paul/Mellie - PG-13 - 1628 words) There's an apocalypse, a deal with the devil, and a girl. In the end, it always comes down to a choice. Spoilers up to episode 1:12 - Omega.

Offer Me Alternatives (And I Decline) (Dominic/Adelle - PG-13 - 650 words) It's not the end of the world. Spoilers up to season two.

Starches And Other Inappropriate Temptations (The Slightly More British Remix) (Dominic/Adelle - PG-13 - 250 words) She learned to read him long ago. A remix of Tangerines by [ profile] duh_i_read. Spoilers up to episode 1:7 - Echoes; vague allusions to the rest of season one.

Doom (2005)

Homecoming (John/Samantha - R - 2216 words) He doesn't sleep.

No Heroics (John/Samantha - PG-13 - 3887 words) John and Sam try to cover up his new-found abilities. It goes about as well as you'd expect.


Things You Can't Learn From Books (Ephram/Madison - R - 1661 words) It's not exactly guaranteed privacy, but it's been a while since they've seen anyone, so he's not that surprised when Madison kisses him. Well, maybe a little. Spoilers up to episode 2:12 - Controlling Interest.


Dominating The Lesser Races (This Is Not The Way Home Remix) (John - PG-13 - 250 words) Sometimes John wonders what his father would think, what other life he might have led than this. Spoilers up to episode 4:11 - Unrealized Reality. A remix of Dominating The Lesser Races by [ profile] lady_smith.

In Our Bedroom After The War (John/Aeryn - PG - 200 words) It doesn't mean what you think. Spoilers up to episode 4:14 - Terra Firma.

Language Sex Violence Other (DNA Remix) (Aeryn/Jool - PG-13 - 200 words) She's not as strong as she thinks. A remix of Learning Experiences by [ profile] astrogirl2.

Not Exactly Grandma's Secret Recipe (John/Aeryn - PG - 160 words) She was tired of trying to learn how to make his Earth food.

There Is Never Enough Food (We're All Going To Die Hungry Remix) (John/Aeryn - PG-13 - 1715 words) Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Mind The Baby. A remix of There Is Never Enough Food by [ profile] hossgal.

When I Grow Up (Aeryn - PG-13 - 100 words) She's eighteen the day she's assigned to Pleisar Regiment.

You Play The Loving Woman, I'll Play The Faithful Man (John/Aeryn - PG - 165 words) "I still don't see why I have to be naked."


Hero/Heroine (Wash/Zoe - PG-13 - 417 words) Zoe saves the day and gets the guy.

Imagine Me And You (Mal/Inara - PG-13 - 300 words) From anyone else, it would have been a compliment. From Mal, it sounded like an accusation.

Little Birdy (Mal, River, Wash - G - 301 words) River learns how to fly Serenity.

Porcelain Dolls (Inara, Kaylee, Mal - PG - 501 words) "You're like one of those dolls."

Should Fall Apart (The End Is The Beginning Is The End Remix) (Mal/Inara - PG-13 - 100 words) It isn't at all the way she imagined it. Spoilers for the entire series, including Serenity. A remix of Should Fall Apart by [personal profile] trialia.

Some Like It Hot (Ensemble - PG - 609 words) An engine malfunction raises the temperature on Serenity.

Friday Night Lights

Decent Days And Nights (Jason/Tyra - PG-13 - 2634 words) Scenes from a new life (in no particular order). Spoilers up to episode 2:9 - The Confession.

Gilmore Girls

As You Like It (Luke/Lorelai, Jess/Rory - PG-13 - 11,407 words) Stars Hollow is holding a talent show. What could possibly go wrong? INCOMPLETE.

Cornflake Girl (Dean/Lorelai - R - 150 words) This, she thinks, is so not happening.

Of All The Gin Joints (Jamie/Paris - PG-13 - 2349 words) She wonders when she became the kind of girl who has guys showing up at her place unannounced. Spoilers up to episode 4:12 - A Family Matter.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Luke/Lorelai - PG-13 - 1095 words) "I hear west Nantucket is nice this time of year." Spoilers up to episode 7:22 - Bon Voyage.

Stages Of Grief (Luke/Lorelai, Chris/Lorelai - PG-13 - 1348 words) Everyone knows there are five stages of grief. Lorelai Gilmore's are just a little different. Spoilers up to episode 7:2 - That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee.

The Pursuit Of Lorelai (Finn/Lorelai - PG-13 - 3115 words) This, she knows, is not going to end well. Spoilers up to episode 6:22 - Partings.

This Is Not A Romantic Comedy (Nick And Nora Remix) (Jess/Lorelai - PG-13 - 500 words) There are things Jess doesn't do. Like kiss Lorelai Gilmore. Spoilers up to episode 2:5 - Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy. A remix of No Sid, No Nancy by [ profile] karathephantom.


All The Better To See You With (Puck/Quinn - PG - 100 words) It's not like he watches her. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - Mash-Up.

Dictionaries For Dummies (Sexicon Remix) (Brittany/Santana - R - 1341 words) Four words Brittany doesn't know (and one she kind of does). A remix of Bibliophilia (and other words Brittany doesn't know) by [personal profile] sangerin.

If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (Artie/Tina - PG - 100 words) There's a lot she wants to tell him. Spoilers for episode 1:9 - Wheels.

Gossip Girl

Elevator Love Letter (Jack/Blair - NC-17 - 1335 words) She's well bred, cultured, and she has a good education. It's not that hard. Spoilers up to episode 2:15 - Gone With The Will.

Is There A Box For "I'm Totally Gay?" (The Cover Girl Remix) (Blair/Jenny - PG - 100 words) She thinks about kissing the gloss right off Blair's lips. A remix of Not Your Girl by [personal profile] sionnain.


I Want To Hold Your Hand (Ashleigh/Rebecca - PG - 150 words) It's pretty much the same thing they do every night.

It's Not Like The Greeks Invented The Marathon (Evan/Casey - PG-13 - 5604 words) The ZBZs are forced to team up with Kappa Tau for an upcoming Greek event. Nobody is particularly happy about it. (Well, except Cappie, maybe.)


Afterburn (Nathan, Peter - PG-13 - 100 words) Nathan wasn’t supposed to save the world. Spoilers up to episode 1:23 – How To Stop An Exploding Man.

Bad Day (Peter/Niki/Claire - PG-13 - 364 words) It's been a bad day.

Break Me (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 100 words) There are some wounds that never heal. Spoilers up to episode 1:18 - Parasite.

Defiant (Nathan/Claire - PG-13 - 162 words) Nathan can fly, but he's never been able to defy gravity. Spoilers up to episode 1:21 - The Hard Part.

Effulgent (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 100 words) Night after night, she saves him. Spoilers up to episode 1:21 - The Hard Part.

Electric Feel (Nathan/Claire - R - 1252 words) The wallpaper is too loud, the water pressure sucks, and she already misses her own bed. Spoilers up to episode 3:19 - Shades Of Gray.

Expectations (Nathan, Claire - PG-13 - 100 words) He hadn’t wanted Peter to save her. Spoilers up to episode 1:19 - .07%.

Fair (Peter, Claire - PG - 342 words) Claire's used to starting over. Spoilers for episode 1:19 - .07%.

First Daughter (Nathan, Claire - G - 200 words) Nathan doesn't earn everything he gets, but he tries to deserve it. Spoilers for episode 1:22 - Landslide.

Give (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 589 words) When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, something's got to give. Spoilers up to episode 1:22 – Landslide.

Immutable (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 168 words) They’re in a constant state of motion. Spoilers up to episode 1:19 - .07%.

Indian Summer (West/Claire, Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 1000 words) "So," he says, a little too casually. "Is he your ex?" Spoilers up to episode 2:11 - Powerless.

Lie To Me (Peter/Claire, Peter/Candice - R - 747 words) One way or another, Peter will tell them what they want to know. Spoilers up to episode 1:21 - The Hard Part.

Most Likely To (Nathan/Peter/Claire - R - 201 words) Nathan was always the boy most likely. Spoilers up to episode 1:19 - .07%.

Nathan (Nathan, Claire - G - 220 words) Nathan buys Claire a puppy. Spoilers up to episode 1:21 – The Hard Part.

Normal Again (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 170 words) What’s normal is a matter of relativity. Spoilers up to episode 1:19 - .07%.

Same As The First (Hiro, Ando, Niki, Jessica, Nathan, Peter - PG - 500 words) Everything is connected. And time is just a continuum. Spoilers for episode 1:18 - Parasite.

Some Family (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 100 words) There are different kinds of love. Spoilers up to episode 1:18 - Parasite.

Still In Love Song (Peter/Claire - PG-13 - 100 words) He's always been in love with her. Spoilers up to episode 1:19 - .07%.

Supercharged (Peter/Claire - R - 190 words) They’re connected; it’s obvious. Spoilers up to episode 1:21 - The Hard Part.

Sweet Sixteen (Peter/Claire - R - 170 words) When she smiles at him, his heart stops. Spoilers for episode 1:14 - Distractions.

Take Me Out (Nathan, Claire - G - 184 words) Everything about Claire was shiny. Spoilers for episode 1:19 - .07%.

They Sold You On Their Way (Bridezilla Remix) (D.L./Niki - PG - 250 words) It's an old superstition, but good luck can't possibly hurt. A remix of Part Of The Job by [ profile] lotus0kid.

Unknown (Nathan - PG-13 - 100 words) There’s a lot Nathan doesn’t know about his family. Spoilers up to episode 1:22 - Landslide.

Where You Least Expect It (Nathan, Claire - PG - 767 words) Claire goes looking for Peter, and finds Nathan instead. Spoilers up to episode 1:18 – Parasite.

How I Met Your Mother

Things This City Was Built On, Besides Rock And Roll (Barney/Robin - PG-13 - 3266 words) Barney and Robin accidentally destroy New York. Ted is Unhappy with them.

In Plain Sight

Might As Well Make It Bleed (Marshall/Mary - NC-17 - 1065 words) Marshall tries to talk Mary down. She has other ideas. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Gilted Lily.

Legend Of The Seeker

Destroy Everything You Touch (Richard/Kahlan - R - 1522 words) This isn't just dangerous, it's potentially catastrophic. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - Denna.

Sex Is Not The Enemy (But You Still Are) (Cara/Kahlan - PG-13 - 700 words) Kahlan meets Cara her very first day of college. It doesn't exactly go well.


Interpersonal Hygiene (Charlie/Dani - R - 1862 words) Five times Charlie and Dani showered together (sort of).

Make It Or Break It

Team Drama (Ensemble - PG - 5990 words) It's war between the Rock girls and Ellen Beals. Spoilers up to episode 2:10 - At The Edge Of The Worlds.

The No Touching Rule (Sasha/Payson - PG-13 - 8495 words) Summer wants to teach the girls about abstinence. Lauren wants Summer to marry her dad, Kaylie wants Austin to leave her alone, Payson wants to forget she ever kissed her coach, and Sasha just wants his gym back. (And Payson, maybe.) Spoilers up to episode 2:8 - Rock Bottom.

Marvel 616

Hero For Hire (Jessica, Luke, Carol, Clint - PG-13 - 2586 words) Jessica Jones: Avenger. Or, not quite. Jessica does the superhero thing, more or less. Also featuring Luke Cage, Stay-At-Home-Dad. Set following Avengers v.4.

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Noh-Varr/Kate - R - 1408 words) Kate, Noh-Varr, and the night before the morning after. Set during the current run of Young Avengers.

Women In Garbage (Clint/Kate - PG-13 - 2164 words) Kate and Clint go 'undercover.' (It's Clint's plan, okay?) Set during the current Hawkeye run.


Summer In The City (Arthur/Morgana - PG - 3173 words) In which there is a summer festival, Morgana indulges in a spot of matchmaking, and she and Arthur fight. A lot. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - The Beginning Of The End.

The Middleman

The Déjà Fait Fate Destabilizer (Wendy - PG - 1235 words) Press the button, go back in time, save the world. Easy?

The Mindy Project

If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It (Danny/Mindy - PG-13 - 6160 words) They can pretend to be friends. It can't possibly be that hard. Right? Spoilers up to episode 1:2 - Hiring and Firing.

Miss Match

Drinking In LA (Kate, Victoria - PG-13 - 470 words) "Why am I not drunk yet?"


False Witness (Tony/Kate - PG - 270 words) "It's not what it looked like."

New Girl

And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt (Ensemble - PG - 2200 words) Three times Team Jess is not a thing. (It's so a thing.)

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Spirral Out Of Control (Wonderella - PG - 1230 words) Or, how Wonderella saved the city through sheer awesomeness and not being totally negligent, by Wonderella.

The O.C.

Take On Me (Ryan/Summer - PG-13 - 2103 words) In which Ryan helps Summer out. As a friend. In a totally platonic way. (With makeouts.) Set post-season four.

The Office (US)

Always A Bridesmaid (Ryan/Kelly - PG - 100 words) Kelly thinks she looks good in white. Spoilers up to episode 3:15 - Phyllis' Wedding.

Hand Soap And Green Lace (Karen/Pam - R - 465 words) "Don't think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jim?" Spoilers up to episode 3:21 - Women's Appreciation.

Jellicious (Ryan/Kelly - PG - 200 words) Usually, Ryan's pretty good at tuning Kelly out.

Kelly Kapoor Story Hour (Kelly - PG - 179 words) Ten people who may or may not have an opinion about Kelly Kapoor. Spoilers up to episode 3:23 - The Job and season four promos.

Kiss And Tell (Ryan/Kelly, Andy/Erin - PG-13 - 937 words) Five kisses that may or may not have happened while filming Male Prima Donna.

Quabity Assuance (Creed, Kelly - PG - 140 words) "You're in charge of quality assurance."

Once Upon a Time

Through Smoke (Mulan/Aurora - PG - 3652 words) On their way through an enchanted forest, Mulan and Aurora deal with toxic smoke, extremely large rats, and an accidental soul bond. Set during season two.

One Tree Hill

A Picnic Date Ending In An Awkward Sexual Encounter, Told Chronologically Through Board-Game Titles (Brooke/Haley - R - 1086 words) "The point of a picnic is to get drunk, get a tan, and watch the hot boys go past."

Almost Rhymes With Orange (Brooke/Haley - PG-13 - 200 words) It isn't always a good idea to distract Brooke Davis (and sometimes, it's a very good idea).

Finding Out True Love Is Blind (Nathan/Brooke/Haley - R - 2571 words) It happens in the girls' locker room, of all places, and all Haley can think is that she's suddenly become a cliché. Spoilers up to mid-season three.

Girlfriends With Benefits (Brooke/Rachel - PG - 185 words) Victoria would have a fit. Spoilers up to episode 5:1 - Four Years, Six Months, Two Days.

I Need You Around (A Movie Script Ending Remix) (Brooke/Peyton - PG-13 - 212 words) There's absolutely no reason she should be jealous. Spoilers up to episode 4:17 - It Gets Worse At Night. A remix of It Comes Down To I'm The One Always Around by [ profile] sinandmisery.

Kinda Gay (Brooke/Peyton - PG-13 - 1103 words) How Brooke Davis learns that gay isn't a four-letter word (unless Bevin is spelling it).

Silver Screen (Brooke/Rachel - PG-13 - 100 words) It always worked in the movies.

The Boys Of Summer (Brooke/Peyton - PG - 100 words) They don't need boys.

This Cat Is A Landmine (Whitey - PG - 1513 words) Whitey gets a kitten. The Ravens find out. Hijinks ensue.

Parks And Recreation

She Thinks She's The Dispassionate One (Ron/April - R - 1689 words) The Pawnee Government Ball. Super exciting. Making out with your boss. Super appropriate.

Pretty Little Liars

I Trust You (To Tie Me Up) (Darren/Hanna - PG-13 - 392 words) This isn't a game, he says, but of course it is.

Princess Protection Program

Advanced Practical Stealth Techniques (or, Things That Weren't In The Course Catalogue) (Carter/Rosie - PG-13 - 1351 words) It isn't easy balancing being a college student and a princess-rescuing international super spy. At least she has a hot girlfriend?

Our Faces Split The Coast In Half (Carter/Rosie - PG-13 - 784 words) Rosie decides to show Carter around Costa Luna.


If You Can't Stand The Heat, Don't Set Yourself On Fire (Shawn/Juliet - PG - 2515 words) A heat wave hits Santa Barbara. A crime wave isn't far behind.

Rookie Blue

31 Flavours (Chris/Gail/Dov - PG-13 - 1256 words) Dov and Gail have a Serious Disagreement on the topic of ice cream.

A Series Of (Un)fortunate Events (Chris/Gail/Dov - PG-13 - 8286 words) Dov doesn't notice that Gail has moved in for almost a week. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Butterflies.

For All My Crimes Of Self Defense (Chris/Gail - NC-17 - 2631 words) Chris and Gail go undercover for an operation. Spoilers up to episode 1:10 - Big Nickel.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Gail/Holly - PG-13 - 1700 words) Gail and Holly play laser tag. (Which is kind of like shooting people, so Gail should enjoy it, right?)

Observe And Report (Dov/Gail - R - 1249 words) Maybe they make out a little while they're on surveillance. Spoilers up to episode 1:13 - Takedown.

Then All That You Built Will Come Tumbling Down (Dov/Gail - R - 2065 words) Dov, Gail, and horses. (It's not as romantic as he'd like it to be.) Spoilers up to episode 2:9 - Brotherhood.


Princess (Alex/Isabel - PG - 183 words) Sometimes, she dreams of him. Spoilers through season 2.

She's The Man

Everything I'm Not (Olivia/Viola - PG-13 - 206 words) He's not the man for her.

Token (Olivia/Viola - PG - 130 words) She tells herself it's for charity.


You And Me, We're A Front Page Story (Clark/Lois - PG-13 - 4300 words) Top secret research. Undercover investigations. Close encounters of the physical kind. Just another day at the office. Spoilers up to episode 8:5 - Committed.

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror

Conjure Hell Is All I Do (Will/Lilli - R - 1640 words) Will has nightmares, and Lilli seeks to comfort him.

Sports Night

Papercuts (Dan, Kim - PG - 100 words) She's still not his secretary.

Star Trek (Reboot)

Bad Medicine Is What I Need (McCoy/Uhura - PG-13 - 2278 words) Uhura is absolutely brilliant ... at xenolinguistics. Her mandatory medical coursework, on the other hand, could use some help. Thankfully, McCoy has gallantly volunteered to tutor her.

What I'm Trying To Say (Kirk/Gaila - PG-13 - 885 words) Gaila only wanted to do something nice.

Stargate Atlantis

Anti-Trust (Ronon - PG-13 - 1015 words) "I don't trust them."

As I Say (John - PG - 200 words) John isn't great at taking orders. Spoilers up to episode 1:20 - The Siege (Part Two).

Giving Quarter (John/Teyla - PG - 718 words) John and Teyla reconnect after her dream. Spoilers up to episode 4:4 - Doppelganger.

Glimpses Of A Private War (Bates/Teyla - PG - 244 words) If he hadn't seen her running for her life a minute ago, he'd almost think it hadn't happened.

Good Fortune (John/Teyla - PG-13 - 503 words) Every world has its customs. (In other words, aliens made them do it.)

In The Company Of Pretty Girls (Lorne/Teyla - PG - 2264 words) Lorne and Teyla are trapped together in a strange room in Atlantis, and Lorne's not holding his breath for Rodney to free them.

Kissing A Fool (John/Teyla - PG-13 - 2945 words) John and Teyla are married off world (maybe).

Meredith (Rodney, girl!Rodney - PG-13 - 1143 words) Trying to create zero point energy just isn't as simple as it sounds (and really, that's saying something). This time, meet Meredith McKay. Spoilers up to episode 3:8 - McKay And Mrs Miller.

People Know Me (John, girl!rodney - PG - 253 words) She reminds him of somebody else he knows. Spoilers up to episode 3:8 - McKay And Mrs Miller. An outtake of Meredith.

Quicksand (John/Teyla - PG-13 - 2246 words) "Waded through mud. Found primitive people who worship mud. Spent fruitless hours trying to negotiate for mud weapons before nearly being killed. Returned empty-handed and covered in mud."

Replicant (John/Teyla - PG-13 - 2200 words) It was over before it even began. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - The Real World.

She Will Always Be A Broken Girl (Sam/Keller - PG - 703 words) She's not really any better at this, except it's better than rusted underground chambers and rope swings over bottomless chasms. Spoilers up to episode 4:16 - Trio.

Sleep Now In The Fire (John/Teyla - PG - 100 words) She's radiant when he sees her. Spoilers up to episode 4:8 - The Seer.

Sparring (John/Teyla, Lorne/Teyla - PG - 431 words) Jealousy can be unexpected sometimes.

Spies Like Us (John/Teyla - R - 4359 words) Lorne and his team are compromised, and it's up to John and Teyla to rescue them.

Stargate SG-1

Ask Me No Secrets And I'll Tell You No Lies (Sam/Vala - NC-17 - 2724 words) Vala isn't easy to figure out, but Sam's a quick learner. (Or, four times Sam and Vala were nearly caught, and one time they weren't.)

Break It Down (Cameron/Vala - NC-17 - 1241 words) Cameron figures he's got two options; he can run away, and let her know she's won, or he can try to regain control of the situation. Spoilers up to episode 9:19 - Crusade.

Like Prayers To Broken Stone (Tomin/Vala - NC-17 - 584 words) As he moves, she can hear the prayers of prostration cross his lips. Spoilers up to episode 9:19 - Crusade.

Protect And Serve (Barrett/Sam - PG-13 - 614 words) They're already too close, pressed against the side of the building, and his touch makes her jump.

The Case Of The Missing Jello (Among Others) (Teal'c, Vala - PG - 1228 words) Five times Teal'c and Vala cheated.

Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation (Ensemble - PG-13 - 894 words) Teal'c is good at keeping secrets. Just not quite as good as everyone else might think. Spoilers up to episode 10:20 - Unending.

White Chocolate Space Egg (Daniel, Teal'c - PG - 304 words) "You seemed to imply that the Easter Bunny is not real." Missing scene of sorts for episode 9:20 - Camelot.

Super Best Friends Forever

Supermans Assemble! (Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Girl - G - 1056 words) Hanging out at the Fortress of Solitude. What could possibly go wrong?


Picture Perfect (Life Imitating Art Remix) (Dean, Jess - PG - 1000 words) Dean doesn't mean to enrol in art history, exactly. A remix of Imitating Life by [ profile] 2ndary_author.

Teen Wolf

Positive Tension (Scott/Danny - PG-13 - 2061 words) "We're going to a party at Jackson's," Scott says. He thinks he's mastered saying it casually by now, but yeah, Stiles is right. It's weird. Spoilers up to episode 2:12 - Master Plan.

Tin Man

The Greatest Adventure In The History Of Basic Cable (Cain/DG - PG-13 - 9080 words) Sometimes adventures have a way of finding themselves.


Fitter Happier (Gwen/Martha - PG-13 - 2859 words) After Martha joins Torchwood, she and Gwen land themselves in a series of sticky situations. Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Exit Wounds.

Veronica Mars

And Your Mother Too (Four Funerals And A Wedding) (Lamb, Veronica - PG-13 - 4460) There are some things you can't run from. It turns out that family is one of them. Spoilers up to episode 2:22 - Not Pictured.

Boundless And Bare (Lamb/Veronica - PG-13 - 100 words) Kissing Don Lamb is a little like dying.

Clear As Mud (Lamb/Veronica - NC-17 - 1938 words) Lamb and Veronica get stuck outside Neptune.

Come, They Told Me (Logan/Veronica - NC-17 - 3270 words) Duncan's not so musical theatre after all. The Christmas poker game dissolves into something entirely unexpected. AU. Deviates from canon during episode 1:10 - An Echolls Family Christmas.

Coronado Bridge (Logan - PG-13 - 100 words) The Coronado Bridge is where it all began. Spoilers for episode 1:12 - Clash Of The Tritons.

Down Again (Lamb/Veronica - PG-13 - 29,290 words) When one of her sorority sisters is killed, Veronica's second year at Hearst promises (threatens?) to be just as exciting as her first. Sequel to What Goes Down. AU from episode 3:2 - My Big Fat Greek Rush Week; potential spoilers up to the end of season three.

Fool For Love (Lamb/Veronica - PG-13 - 100 words) The first time he kisses her, she hates him.

Girls Not In Bars (Lamb, Lilly, Kendall, Gia, Madison, Veronica - R - 1257 words) Five women who get under Don Lamb's skin. Spoilers up to episode 2:16 - The Rapes Of Graff.

Hello, My Name Is (Dick Casablancas - PG-13 - 1048 words) Five good ideas Dick Casablancas never had (or, five bad ones he did). Mild spoilers up to episode 3:1 - Welcome Wagon.

I Call Her Name (Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Lilly - PG-13 - 1902 words) Logan, Duncan and Veronica celebrate Homecoming the proper way. AU. Deviates from canon during episode 2:5 - Blast From the Past.

I Know I Know I Know (Lilly/Hannah - NC-17 - 1833 words) Lilly tries to get Logan out of trouble. Not that it was her fault, or anything. AU. Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Lamb/Veronica - R - 2411 words) A montage of scenes from a life that Don Lamb never lived. Spoilers for episode 3:14 - Mars, Bars.

Kryptonite (Veronica, Duncan, Logan, Lilly - G - 291 words) Duncan wants to be Superman. Lilly just wants to be adored, and Logan wants to escape. And Veronica never really played by the rules.

Manifest (Logan/Veronica/Lilly - PG-13 - 100 words) Lilly doesn't mind sharing; and anyway, she has nowhere else to be. A coda to episode 1:18 - Weapons Of Class Destruction.

Merry Christmas, Veronica Mars (Logan/Veronica - PG - 665 words) "Mistletoe," he pointed out. "We're supposed to kiss."

Nice To Meet You Anyway (Casey/Veronica - PG-13 - 2462 words) Trust doesn't come that easily. Spoilers up to episode 1:9 - Drinking The Kool-Aid.

Part Of Your World (Lilly - PG-13 - 260 words) Lilly collected a lot of things.

Picking Winners (Lamb/Veronica - NC-17 - 2576 words) Who wanted to be indoors studying when the alternative was spending an hour or two watching the fine men of the Balboa County Fire Department? Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough.

Popular Mechanics For Lovers (Dick/Veronica - R - 1191 words) There are a lot of things Veronica would rather do than attend Parker's party solo. Dick is one of them. AU. Deviates from canon during episode 3:16 - Un-American Graffiti.

Riverside Inn (Lamb/Veronica - NC-17 - 2659 words) Lamb and Veronica seek shelter at a deserted motel. Sequel to Clear As Mud.

Rooftop Confessions (Lamb/Veronica - R - 3607 words) On the roof of the Neptune Grand, Veronica ends up exorcising far more demons than she had planned. Spoilers up to episode 2:22 - Not Pictured.

Sixteen Candles (Veronica - PG-13 - 2031 words) Sixteen ficlets about the men in Veronica's life. Spoilers up to episode 3:17 - Debasement Tapes.

This Year's Girl (Dick/Madison - PG-13 - 1292 words) What if Madison Sinclair was the perfect 09er in all but the most important way? AU. Spoilers for episode 1:11 - Silence of the Lamb.

Try This Trick And Spin It (Lamb/Veronica - NC-17 - 3077 words) "Veronica Mars is smarter than me." Spoilers up to episode 3:12 - There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill.

What Goes Down (Lamb/Veronica - PG-13 - 35,246 words) Veronica goes undercover at a Pi Sigma Sigma party to learn more about the rapes on campus. So does her not-so-favourite Sheriff. Something other than hilarity ensues. AU from episode 3:2 - My Big Fat Greek Rush Week. General spoilers up to episode 3:9 - Spit & Eggs.

White (Logan/Veronica - NC-17 - 2784 words) Lilly thinks Veronica needs to have some fun; and at Shelly Pomroy's party, she's going to make sure Veronica does just that. AU. Set pre-series; spoilers for episode 1:21 – A Trip To The Dentist.

The West Wing

A Script Written By Committee, Drunk (Sam/Ginger - PG-13 - 3594 words) "You can have the party here." Mild spoilers up to episode 3:20 - The Black Vera Wang.

And I Think The Dress Looks Nice On You (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 100 words) "You look like a doily."

Bright Red Star (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 200 words) "Did you know the Manhattan was created in honour of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden?"

Dressed In Cobras (Amy/Donna - PG-13 - 400 words) "I thought I saw a snake."

Drink To Me, Babe, Then (Sam/Donna - PG-13 - 171 words) This can't be what it looks like.

Exit Music (The Last Train From Mandyville) (Ensemble - PG - 1867 words) Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. (You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.) Spoilers up to episode 6:17 - A Good Day.

Honeymoon In D.C. (Josh/Donna - PG - 200 words) "It's illegal to sell mead?"

I Saved The World Today (Studies In Probability) (Josh/Donna - PG - 443 words) There's a list, somewhere in the White House, of possible scenarios for the apocalypse. Spoilers up to episode 6:9 - Impact Winter.

In Da Club (Ensemble - PG-13 - 200 words) "This is a strip club."

Internal Delegation (Josh, Donna - G - 629 words) "I'm going to draw a chart for her, with lines and arrows, clearly indicating that she answers to me, and she answers to Toby." Spoilers up to episode 1:2 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc.

Let's Make A Deal (Josh/Donna - PG - 200 words) "Why don't you have a date?"

Losing My Religion (Ensemble - PG-13 - 1000 words) The Ten Commandments, as observed by West Wing staffers. Spoilers up to episode 7:18 - Requiem.

No Surprises (Toby/Andy - PG-13 - 180 words) Party planning isn't as easy as it looks. Spoilers up to episode 4:5 - Debate Camp.

Rain City (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 147 words) It was just an observation.

Set Fire To This Town (Josh/Donna - NC-17 - 4657 words) What's a girl like you doing in a place like this? Spoilers up to episode 6:15 - Freedonia.

Speaking In Tongues (Josh/Donna - R - 145 words) They've invented a whole new language. Spoilers up to episode 4:3 - College Kids.

Staccato (Amy/Donna - PG-13 - 475 words) Amy's fingers tap out a harsh rhythm on the wood. Spoilers up to episode 4:8 - Process Stories.

Striptease (Let Me Entertain You) (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 180 words) "Entertain me."

Sway With Me (Josh/Donna - PG - 181 words) He's sure the entire room is watching the way he can't tear his eyes away from her.

The Great Debate (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 165 words) There are, in fact, drinks on the plane. Spoilers up to episode 4:6 - Game On.

The Slip Up (Josh/Donna - PG - 156 words) She really needs to be more careful.

Things Fall Apart (Cliff/Donna - R - 340 words) She never expected it to end well. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - War Crimes.

This Unavoidable Thing Between Us (Sam/Ginger - PG-13 - 2356 words) Ginger gets lucky at a White House ball.

We've Got A File On You (Josh, Donna - G - 163 words) He's jumping up and down when she comes into his office.

When It Comes (Josh/Donna - PG - 183 words) She wasn't snooping.

Wrapped Up, And Blue (Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 148 words) "There's a wind chill factor."

Wizards Of Waverly Place

À Ma Soeur (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 3562 words) Justin and Alex watch a movie. (That he doesn't enjoy. At all.)

Amusement Shark Rides (Alex/Harper - PG - 2708 words) Alex tries not to use magic. And fails. Spoilers up to episode 4:3 - Lucky Charmed.

And Our Future's Looking Bright (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 8116 words) There are, like, three thousand colleges in the country, and Justin still picks one right in New York City.

Are Written On The Subway Walls (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 1952 words) Justin and Alex sneak out. Or at least, they try to.

Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 8884 words) All Alex wanted was to get her parents back together. Nobody told her the spell she used would have consequences for her, too. (Okay, they did, but seriously, who reads the fine print?)

Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word; How About Fishpaste? (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 10,234 words) Justin uses magic without permission. Alex catches him. (And then they fight robots.)

Burn Your Life Down (Cities In Dust Remix) (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 500 words) She's always been good at ignoring danger signs. A remix of In Fire, In Ice by [ profile] moirariordan.

Do Over (And Over) (Justin/Alex - PG - 500 words) This is how it doesn't happen. Spoilers up to episode 1:2 - First Kiss.

Don't Confess (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 5132 words) Alex and Justin are forced to tutor Max. It doesn't exactly go smoothly. Spoilers up to episode 2:22 - My Tutor, Tutor.

Don't You Forget About Me (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 7005 words) All Alex wanted to do was to make Justin forget. (In which case, the spell could be called a success, but ... maybe not so much.) In which magic is used without permission, Justin gets amnesia, and Alex is definitely not his girlfriend.

Falling Through Your Clothes (Justin/Alex - PG - 1204 words) Alex paints in one of Justin's shirts. Justin isn't amused.

Guitar Hero (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 1982 words) They're totally rock stars. Spoilers up to episode 2:11 - Make It Happen.

In Plain Sight (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 3889 words) Justin's favourite things from his room are sometimes more interesting than Alex expects. Spoilers up to episode 2:23 - Paint By Committee.

Mnemonic Devices To Help You Remember How To Spell 'Mnemonic Devices' (Justin/Alex - PG - 3470 words) She finds sticky notes in four different books, folded pages in two, and even notes scrawled in the margins of something she thinks must have been one of their dad's old magic books. Spoilers up to episode 2:5 - Night At The Lazerama.

Never Kill A Boy On The First Date (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 23,208 words) In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. In this case, she's Alex Russo - one girl in all the world born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil, blah blah blah. She also might be kind of falling in love with her brother. But first, she has an apocalypse to avert. Spoilers up to episode 3:5 - Night At The Lazerama.

Space Invaders (Wizards of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 16,945 words) Justin was right. (Of course.) Which sucks for Alex. Especially since it means aliens are now on their way to Earth, and, oh yeah, they want to destroy the world. So, someone should probably stop them? Spoilers up to episode 4:1 - Alex Tells The World.

Spin Spin Sugar (Justin/Alex - R - 1847 words) Turnabout is fair play (and they're only playing). Spoilers up to episode 1:12 - Justin's Little Sister.

Springs Eternal (The Redux Remix) (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 500 words) A (very) fractured fairy tale. A remix of Fragmented by [ profile] applepips16. Spoilers up to the movie.

The Night Moves (Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 4270 words) Justin and Alex find themselves trapped in a closet, with no way out and nothing to do. (Well, okay, maybe not with nothing to do.) Spoilers up to episode 1:14 - Wizard School (Part Two).

The Shake Up (Justin/Alex - R - 6064 words) There's still something going on with Professor Dinklemeyer, and Alex is determined to get to the bottom of it. Justin still isn't sure he's on board. Spoilers up to episode 1:14 - Wizard School (Part Two). Sequel to The Night Moves.

When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make ... Something (Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 3914 words) Max starts a lemonade stand. Alex helps. Obviously, it goes flawlessly and nothing disastrous happens at all.


A Dollar Seventy-Five Won't Buy You Much (In Space) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly - Graham/Nandi - PG-13 - 265 words) Home is where you lay your head.

Before The Hurricane Begins (Battlestar Galactica/Firefly - Cally, Kaylee - PG - 246 words) Cally's seen her share of old planes.

Confessor (The Intergalactic Communication Remix) (Stargate SG-1/Farscape - Cameron, Aeryn - PG - 100 words) She is only a soldier. A remix of untitled by [personal profile] kernezelda.

Dead Man's Party (Studio 60/Sports Night - Jeannie/Kim - PG-13 - 297 words) Just another Studio 60 wrap party.

Earth Intruders (Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis - Lee, Teyla - PG - 211 words) There are many enemies who wish to know the location of Earth.

Exactly Not Like A Fairytale (Ever After Remix) (Supernatural/The O.C. - Dean/Taylor - PG-13 - 500 words) Taylor's always had a habit of falling for boys who are nice to her. A remix of Exactly Not Like A Fairytale by [ profile] ineffort.

Girls Not In Bars (Girls In Bars Remix) (Veronica Mars/Mean Girls/Angel/Gilmore Girls/Gossip Girl/Heroes - Lamb, Karen, Cordelia, Lucy, Blair, Elle - R - 1344 words) It's a line. "You look like someone I used to know," he'll say. Remix of Girls Not In Bars, crossover edition.

Human Behaviour (Battletar Galactica/Farscape - Sharon, Aeryn - PG - 323 words) A Cylon and a Sebacean meet on a spaceship. Spoilers up to Battlestar Galactica episode 3:1 - Occupation.

Light My Fire (Arrested Development/Veronica Mars - Gob, Veronica - PG-13 - 260 words) She isn't sure if he's coming on to her, or if he's just really confused.

Lost Souls (Dead Like Me/Reaper - George, Sam - PG - 232 words) The DMV is hell on earth in more ways than one.

Poolside (Arrested Development/Veronica Mars - Lindsay, Lilly - PG - 305 words) Just another pretty blonde heiress with a penchant for vodka.

Sunset Boulevard (The West Wing/Studio 60 - Ginger/Jeannie - PG-13 - 300 words) Sam's already complained twice about being offered jobs in development, and Ginger's not even sure what that is.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural - John/Izzie - NC-17 - 4120 words) When John Winchester comes to Seattle Grace, Izzie struggles to deal with the reminder of her past. Spoilers up to mid-season three of Grey's Anatomy.

Real Person Fic

(Nobody Ever Made Me) Crazy Like This (David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 756 words) She's still finding it a little difficult to concentrate. Or to speak. Thinking is mostly out of the question, too.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Ben Browder/Claudia Black - R - 3500 words) It's a good thing, he thinks, that John is supposed to be in love with Aeryn, or people might start asking questions. (aka. Five outfits Ben and Claudia wear, in varying degrees of ridiculousness.)

Boredom Fades, But Infidelity's For Keeps (Alona Tal/Danneel Harris - PG-13 - 1348 words) She fucking hates these things, she really does.

Culturally Explicit (B.J. Novak/Mindy Kaling - PG-13 - 322 words) It's not like he hasn't met her parents before. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - Diwali.

Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Mark Salling/Dianna Agron - PG-13 - 1172 words) "Don't you have your own room?"

Everything Is Not What It Seems (David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1928 words) They're being stealth. (Or, the art of keeping a relationship secret when your boyfriend wouldn't know subtlety if it hit him over the head. Repeatedly.)

For Reasons Unknown (John Barrowman/Eve Myles - R - 396 words) There are a thousand reasons why they shouldn't be doing this, and every one of them makes her want to laugh.

Hey, This Bottle Has Poison In It (Reading Can Save Lives) (David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 658 words) Their first day back on set, everything is different, and nothing is.

How To Be A Domestic Goddess (Lea Michele/Dianna Agron - PG-13 - 1733 words) She's majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with her roommate.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Vanessa Hudgens/Ashley Tisdale - PG-13 - 193 words) Ashley's half sitting on her lap when her hand kind of slips and they laugh and then, there's kissing.

I Think We're Almost Legendary (Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1300 words) Demi and Selena, filming the One And The Same music video.

Meet Me In Puerto Rico (David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1334 words) She has no idea where the line even is any more.

Method Acting (Decipher Reflections From Reality) (James Lafferty/Bethany Joy Galeotti - PG - 2694 words) Her life is measured out in almosts. (She almost took a risk, once, but it was only fiction.) Five times fiction and reality were almost the same thing.

Not-So-Good Titles For Murder Mysteries (David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG - 5335 words) In which David Henrie kills Joe Jonas (but not for real, probably).

Notoriety (Like It's Going Out Of Fashion) (Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester - PG-13 - 630 words) Ed's the first to have the article pinned up.

Paparazzi (Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez - PG - 467 words) Sometimes, when they're in public, Demi walks in front of her.

Since The Shakespeare Changed Its Name (John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman, Eve Myles, Naoko Mori - PG - 374 words) "I could have an evil twin." Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Exit Wounds.

The Girl In The Box (Sean Maher/Summer Glau - PG-13 - 1485 words) She could swear Joss was doing it on purpose. In which Nathan gets drunk, Joss thinks he's funny, and River is pregnant. Sort of.

To Face Unafraid The Plans That We've Made (Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1656 words) "So," Demi says. "There's a dance." Part of the DC High 'verse.

Your Boyfriend Sucks (Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton - PG-13 - 435 words) She needs a shower, and now.

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