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Inshipping 2015

Dear [community profile] inshipping author:

Thank you so much for writing me a fic! I'm sure it's going to be amazing, and I'm so looking forward to reading it. These are some ideas/extra information/things that would make me especially happy, but if my optional details don't work for you, or if you already have an idea in mind, I'd much rather get a great story you're really excited about than something mediocre tailored exactly to my requests.

You can find me on AO3 as Zhailei.

Favourite things in general:

  • Ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, PWPs, apocalypses (zombie or otherwise), and ridiculous AUs.

  • Tropes and clichés - fake dating, forced proximity, trapped together, sharing a bed, accidental marriage, bachelor auctions, truth or dare, sex pollen, accidental stimulation, wall!sex, frottage, etc. The more shameless the better!

  • First times, secret relationships, and unspoken bonds.

  • People being in love without having to say it, people who are obviously in love but maybe don't realise it, ridiculously overblown romantic gestures where one person (willingly) completely embarrasses themselves, and small gestures that mean a whole lot more than they seem to.

  • Characters who are genuinely really into each other.

  • Characters actually hooking up, please! I love gen, but not for ship-specific exchanges.

  • Things I'd prefer not to receive:

  • Angst, darkfic, and unhappy endings.

  • Introspective character studies, alternate POV on canon events, or other fics where nothing much actually happens.

  • First person POV.

  • Issue fic.

  • Genderswap.

  • Non-related AUs.

  • Doom (John Grimm/Samantha Grimm)

    I love this move a whole lot, and ship these two even more, so if you share either of those opinions, I already think you're awesome. I'd love anything set before, during, or after the movie; I'm not sure there's a lot of room for missing scenes, but I'm totally willing to jump on board and handwave whatever needs handwaving if you decide to go that route. I also really enjoy pre-movie fics, and even more so anything set post-movie - what happens to them after Olduvai? Where do they go? Are they still in danger? Do they try to go back to their normal lives? Are they on the run? Do they ever have to go back to Mars/fight more monsters/have other adventures? Or if you just wanted to write some good old-fashioned PWP, I'm down with that, too.

    Happyland (Lucy Velez/Ian Chandler, Lucy Velez/Theodore Chandler)

    The premise of this show was basically like catnip to me, and I'm so disappointed we'll never get a second season. Basically, what I really want is all the things I never got to have on-screen - for Ian and Lucy in particular, what I crave is the 'series of unfortunate events' fic where they keep getting thrown together in ridiculous, UST-y situations and then make out a whole bunch, obviously during the time period where they believe they're brother and sister. Or an AU/plot twist where, surprise, they really are related after all, would be awesome, too.

    Theodore/Lucy I did not expect to ship, but then he kept being all intense and disapproving and reallyreallyclosestanding, and so here we are. I'd love just about anything for them, from angry backstage wall!sex to having to work together (maybe Theodore has to fill in as Prince Charming one day?) to random park shenanigans to ~family misunderstandings.

    Wizards of Waverly Place (Justin Russo/Alex Russo)

    I love the show a lot, so something in that vein, with humour and implausible situations and wacky magical hijinks, would be fantastic, but I'd also love any kind of fic, from action/adventure quests to cracky AU to angsty apocafic. I love the extended cast, so fic featuring some of them would be all kinds of awesome (and I particularly love Max, who I find ridiculously endearing at all times). And more than anything, I love the relationship between Justin and Alex, and I love them being at the centre of each other's worlds, even if they'd never admit it. (I also really love their family dynamic, so I'd rather you not mess with that too much; more than anything, if you can manage it, I love fics where they're just Justin and Alex, the same way they always are, only sometimes they make out a little.)

    I'd particularly love anything set during the series' ongoing run, or before/during/after the movie; I'm not overly interested in fic set way in the future. And I'm not at all opposed to crack, or to the generous overuse of tropes and clichés, but serious fic is cool, too. Some (but by no means all) of my favourite things: Justin and Alex at WizTech, Justin and Alex on epic adventures together, Justin and Alex saving (or maybe accidentally destroying) the world, Justin and/or Alex screwing something up and having to fix it together, Justin and Alex being thrown together for any reason at all.