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Festivids 2015

Dear festividder,

Thank you so much for making a vid for me! I love vids! And I love these fandoms, and I am already 100% guaranteed to love a vid in any of these fandoms.

General vid things I love: Ensemble vids. Character studies. Fun shippy vids. Vids that highlight some of my favourite things about the source. Vids that point out something I never noticed in the source. Vids that give me chills. Vids that make me cry. Vids that make me laugh. Vids that make me clap my hands in glee. Vids that use music I love, and music that's completely new to me, and music that obviously goes with that source, and that I never would have through to pair with the source but works surprisingly well. Basically, I just really love vids.

(Things I don't love: Gimmicky music/audio source, talking in vids.)

In case you'd like more information, my requests are under the cut, along with a few more details.

Avalon High

Details: I love this movie, probably an unhealthy amount. And I'd be thrilled with any kind of vid - something fun that highlights the ridiculous Disney aspects, a serious character study, a more thematic vid that examines how the movie fits into Arthurian mythology, anything at all.

BRITT ROBERTSON AND HER FACE <3 <3 <3, basically. I love her a lot. I love crappy Disney Channel movies (though I maintain this one isn't actually crappy), and I really, really love the whole genderbent aspect. Girls in armour = all my kinks, apparently. I also have a huge thing for remixes of mythology, fairy tales, etc. in general, so - I guess what I'm saying is that there are a lot of reasons I love this movie, so a vid about anything at all would seriously make me the super happiest.

Bodacious Space Pirates

Details: I love Marika, and the yacht club and her space pirate crew, and I would love a vid about just about anything in this universe. Spaceships! Piracy! Accidentally kidnapping princesses! High school! I'd also love a Marika character study, or a vid that highlights her relationship with her mum (and dad) or with Chiaki.

I love this show so much. SPACE PIRATES!!!!, basically. Marika is my super favourite, but I would also love an ensemble vid, or one that focuses on space piracy/the Bentenmaru crew/the world in general. (Or if you'd rather vid another character or relationship, go ahead! This is a tragically undervidded fandom, and I would genuinely love anything.)

Dragon Wars: D-War

Details: Firstly: If you have actually seen this movie (and liked it enough to want to make a vid), I think I love you. Secondly: Crack, please? As long as it's not a 100% serious vid (just a pinch of crack would be fine), I'd be thrilled with anything.

Okay, so, it's probably fairly obvious that I don't take this movie seriously at all? (If you've ever seen it, you will understand this.) This super amazing picspam sums up pretty much all my feelings about D-War (WHICH, REALLY: IT IS CALLED D-WAR), which basically boil down to IT IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS EVER AND I <3 IT. (Also, if you've never seen it, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE. But check out the picspam first.)

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Details: This show! Such pretty. So fight scenes. I would be totally happy with something that was just LOOK HOW PRETTY, but if you somehow managed to pull a comprehensible plot or clear worldbuilding out of it, that would be a complete bonus.

Okay, so, I'm still not 100% certain what even happened in this show? But that does not stop me loving it AT ALL. And I love all of it, from the gratuitous fanservice to the amazing fight scenes to the 'I'm sure it would be fascinating if I completely understood it' worldbuilding. So really, you can't go wrong with vidding anything here.

Samurai Flamenco

Details: I love every part of this show, from the struggling male model 'solving' low-level crime to the magical girl idol group to the mecha sentai team to SOMETHING ABOUT SPACE AND DESTINY IDK, and I would happily watch a vid about any of that. Or all of it, if you have it in you.

THIS SHOW IS SO RIDICULOUS AND SO AMAZING AND I <3 IT. I would love a vid about any character or arc, or about EVERY character and arc; I do have a soft spot for Mari (and MMM) and Gotou in particular - or Mari/Gotou, if that's at all your thing - but I also adore Masayoshi. The only thing I wouldn't really be looking for is Gotou/Masayoshi, but literally anything else would be amazing.

Unnatural History

Details: The thing I love most about this show is Henry, and I'd adore a vid about him. For me, it's all about the crazy adventures, thrilling heroics, and inadvisable antics, both in America and while travelling with his parents, so a vid that highlighted those things would be super amazing.

If I could have had a show all about the crazy, stupid things Henry did while adventuring overseas, I would have eaten it up with a spoon. But I also love the adventures he had on the show itself (and, of course, in flashbacks), and something that highlighted the similarities (and differences) there would, just as an example, be really really great. Also maybe something about that time Ellen Wong was in an episode, I really dug that.