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Chocolate Box 2015

Dear writer:

Thank you so much for writing me a fic! I'm sure it's going to be amazing, and I'm so looking forward to reading it. These are some ideas/extra information/things that would make me especially happy, but if my optional details don't work for you, or if you already have an idea in mind, I'd much rather get a great story you're really excited about than something mediocre tailored exactly to my requests.

You can find me on AO3 as Zhailei.

Favourite things in general:

  • Ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, PWPs, apocalypses (zombie or otherwise), and ridiculous AUs

  • Tropes and clichés - fake dating, forced proximity, trapped together, sharing a bed, accidental marriage, bachelor auctions, truth or dare, sex pollen, accidental stimulation, wall!sex, frottage, etc. The more shameless the better!

  • First times, secret relationships, casual hookups, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and rekindling old relationships

  • People being in love without having to say it, people who are obviously in love but maybe don't realise it, ridiculously overblown romantic gestures where one person (willingly) completely embarrasses themselves, and small gestures that mean a whole lot more than they seem to

  • Characters actually hooking up/getting together/being together, please! Porn is welcome (though absolutely not necessary).

  • Things I'd prefer not to receive:

  • Angst, darkfic, and unhappy endings

  • Character studies, introspection, alternate POV on canon events, or other fics where nothing much actually happens

  • First person POV

  • Issue fic

  • Genderswap

  • Andromeda (Seamus Harper/Rommie)

    My adorkable unrequited OTP! One of my (many!) favourite things about this pairing is how utterly, completely, 100% into Rommie Harper is. Also everything about her also being a ship and him being totally into that and also all the parts where he (virtually) goes inside her, and the way he literally created her and the way she completely trusts him. And when they went to Earth together and everyone thought they were dating! (That episode is my life, lbr.) And all the times when they fight/are annoyed at each other and make super amazing faces. I'd love some kind of action/adventure fic - maybe they have to go on a mission together, or are stuck on a planet, or alone on Andromeda or literally anything else where they're together and then maybe make out.

    Big Time Rush (Kendall Knight/Lucy Stone, Logan Mitchell/Camille Roberts)

    I love these two relationships, and anything featuring one or both of them would totally make my day. I adore the relationship between Logan and Camille, from Camille's crazy method acting to them being amazing and happy together to their whole 'we're broken up but still make out literally all the time' thing. (Actually, that last one was totally my favourite.) And I love the way Lucy played against Kendall from pretty much the moment she showed up; the way she challenges and fights and sparks with him, and the way they gradually come together.

    I'd love anything set at pretty much any time in canon (or future!fic) for either of these (as far as Kendall/Lucy goes in later seasons, handwaving is a perfectly acceptable response). Anything from dating to casual hook-ups to full-blown relationships would be fantastic, and I adore the entire ensemble, so including any of the other characters would be amazing. And ridiculous shenanigans of any type are always A+++.

    Bodacious Space Pirates (Katou Marika/Kurihara Chiaki)

    I love this show so much. SPACE PIRATES!!!!, basically. I love Marika, and the yacht club and her space pirate crew; I love how she jumps into things headfirst and sometimes messes up but is actually a pretty decent captain; I love how her captaincy was passed down from her dad but the real legacy comes from her mum, who is super amazing. I also really love Chiaki and her accidental friendship with/crush on Marika, and I love it when her dad teases her about that <3 I'd love to read anything set during or post-canon, featuring the yacht club or the Bentenmaru crew or both, especially if it features more ridiculous space adventures and occasional piracy.

    Code Geass (Ohgi Kaname/Villetta Nu)

    The relationship between Ohgi and Villetta was my favourite thing about this show - the way they're enemies who accidentally fall in love and then spend the rest of the time alternately being super awkward about it and trying to kill each other <3 <3. (Except when somebody else tries to kill Ohgi, because Villetta is having none of that.) I love the genuine and super complicated feelings they have for each other post-amnesia, and my only regret is that we didn't get to see more of them interacting with each other and having to deal with that. I also really, really loved the school carnival episode, which could only have been improved with 100% more Ohgi/Villetta makeouts, so anything super tropey and ridiculous in that vein would be amazing also.

    The Dark Knight Legacy (John Blake / or & Stephanie Brown)

    I came out of The Dark Knight Rises really wanting John Blake and Stephanie Brown to meet. AND THEN SOMEBODY MADE THIS AND IT'S LIKE IT WAS JUST FOR ME. I love the concept of Blake being Nightwing instead of jumping straight into replacing Batman, and the introduction of Red Hood and Penguin, and Steph being a cop - and since we won't be getting a continuation of the series, I desperately want to see what happens next. (Do Steph and Nightwing work together, or do they sometimes end up clashing? Is Arthur Brown still Cluemaster? Does Batman need a Robin? A Batgirl? Does he decide to take up the mantle of Batman and pass Nightwing onto her? Make up anything, tell me about it!)

    DC Comics (Dick Grayson/Rose Wilson, Kon-El/Rose Wilson, Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, Buddy Baker/Koriand'r, John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara)

    For all these pairings except Constantine/Zatanna, I prefer pre-reboot continuity. Constantine/Zatanna I'm perfectly happy to receive New 52 fic or even Bombshells-verse.

    I love Dick's relationship with Rose in canon, particularly during the Renegade arc of Nightwing. I'd love to see more set during that time, or reuniting later on. I love Dick training her, and helping her to be a good person, and most of all teaching her that somebody does care for her, and I love Rose being snarky and full of attitude and perving on him shamelessly.

    I really enjoyed the relationship between Rose and Kon, particularly during the end run of Teen Titans, and I'm disappointed that we never got to see the progression of that relationship. I'd love to see any continuation of that - Rose in a towel! Rose being provocative and Conner being embarrassed! Rose literally having his heart! (Which is also the way to kill him. Um.)

    I both love and hate Steph's relationship with Bruce in canon; I'm endlessly frustrated by all the times he implies or outright tells her she isn't good enough to be a superhero, but I adore their team-ups, from Steph's time as Spoiler to Robin to Batgirl. (Batgirl!Steph is my favourite, but I'd love something set during her time as Robin or Spoiler, too.) I love the way Steph brings a bit of much-needed levity, and the way Batman actively seeks that out and appreciates that in her. I would also totally be on board with a dirtybadwrong d/s approach, because there are never enough of those.

    I probably wasn't supposed to come out of Countdown to Adventure desperately wanting Kory to hook up with Animal Man, and yet. I don't mind some dirtybadwrong angst in this, but I'd rather there wasn't too much focus on Buddy's family (and handwaving them is completely fine). I'd love something set while they were stuck off-planet or afterwards, but I'd also love to see them teaming up on other adventures.

    I've been loving Constantine and Zatanna's relationship, from their backstory with Nick Necro to modern-day kick-ass magical OTP to their current 'one of us has to forget our love to save the universe' angst fest. I'd love more of absolutely any of that - Justice League Dark is one of the few parts of the New 52 I've really been enjoying, so an ensemble fic would also be more than welcome; I'd love anything from a missing scene to a new magical adventure to full-blown epic shippiness.

    Miss Match (Kate Fox/Adam Logan, Nick Paine/Victoria Carlson)

    I love this fandom, and I would love any kind of fic written for it - gen or shippy, drama, comedy, crack, crossover, AU, whatever. Things I love the most include: The fact that every episode contains its very own miniature romantic comedy, hanging out at the bar, Kate in matchmaking mode, first dates, blind dates, not-a-date dates, anything and everything where characters interact with each other. I'd particularly love anything in the style of the show - that is to say, something romantic comedy-ish - but I'd be just as happy to read something plotty, or dramatic, or smutty, or anything else you could possibly write.

    As far as ships go, these two are my super favourite. For Adam/Kate, I'd particularly love post-series fic where he keeps pursuing her, and where she (reluctantly) falls for him (especially if their relationships with Michael somehow stay intact). I also love, love Nick/Victoria, so anything about them would be fantastic - Hookups at the bar? Sexy roommates with benefits? Mutually being in denial about the fact they they're totally (still) dating?

    Samurai Flamenco (Gotou Hidenori/Maya Mari)

    So many reasons why I love this pairing. Mari's uniform fetish! The way Goto took her in after her encounter with torture king! When she tracks him down to tell him to stop texting his dead girlfriend! There are so many things I'd want for this, from adorable domestic fluff when she's living with him to dirtybadwrong fic where he punishes her for using him and his uniform to fic where Mari's performing or fighting bad guys and Goto is also there and then they hook up for ~reasons.

    Stargate (Satterfield/Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran/Jonas Quinn, Vala Mal Doran/Teal'c)

    Proving Ground is my favourite SG-1 episode, and Daniel/Satterfield is my favourite pairing probably no-one ships but me. Her obvious crush was just SUPER cute, and I'd give anything to see her again (or expand on what we already saw), especially if you somehow managed to warp canon so that the training team from that episode ended up staying together. I'd also love anything else based on that episode - maybe an AU where something really does go wrong after all? Or something where Satterfield helps out in future training exercises?

    I'd also love to see Jonas and Vala meet, especially if it involves Alien Planet AdventuresTM. Or if it manages to come up with a better fate for Jonas than the vaguely unresolved 'his planet was conquered by the Ori, whatever' we got in canon. (Or if the Thanos that once ruled Langara was the one from Marvel comics, if you happen to be familiar with them.)

    I really loved what we saw of Teal'c and Vala's relationship in canon - cheating at basketball! Hugs! Climbing him like a tree! I could stand to read way more of that, jsyk. I think Vala manages to bring out a lighter side of Teal'c than we often got to see, and I'd love to see more of that. SG-1 team adventures are more than welcome here!

    Wizards of Waverly Place (Justin Russo/Alex Russo)

    I love the show a lot, so something in that vein, with humour and implausible situations and wacky magical hijinks, would be fantastic, but I'd also love any kind of fic, from action/adventure quests to cracky AU to angsty apocafic. I love the extended cast, so fic featuring some of them would be all kinds of awesome (and I particularly love Max, who I find ridiculously endearing at all times). And more than anything, I love the relationship between Justin and Alex, and I love them being at the centre of each other's worlds, even if they'd never admit it. (I also really love their family dynamic, so I'd rather you not mess with that too much; more than anything, if you can manage it, I love fics where they're just Justin and Alex, the same way they always are, only sometimes they make out a little.)

    I'd particularly love anything set during the series' ongoing run, or before/during/after the movie; I'm not overly interested in fic set way in the future. And I'm not at all opposed to crack, or to the generous overuse of tropes and clichés, but serious fic is cool, too. Some (but by no means all) of my favourite things: Justin and Alex at WizTech, Justin and Alex on epic adventures together, Justin and Alex saving (or maybe accidentally destroying) the world, Justin and/or Alex screwing something up and having to fix it together, Justin and Alex being thrown together for any reason at all.

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