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Yuletide 2016

Dear writer:

Thank you so much for writing me a fic! I'm sure it's going to be amazing, and I'm so looking forward to reading it. These are some ideas/extra information/things that would make me especially happy, but if my optional details don't work for you, or if you already have an idea in mind, I'd much rather get a great story you're really excited about than something mediocre tailored exactly to my requests.

You can find me on AO3 as Zhailei.

Favourite things in general:

  • Ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, smut, apocalypses (zombie or otherwise), and ridiculous AUs (I am always up for a magical girl AU in pretty much any fandom)

  • Tropes and clichĂ©s - fake dating, forced proximity, trapped together, sharing a bed, accidental marriage, undercover as a couple, identity porn, bachelor auctions, truth or dare, sex pollen, accidental stimulation, wall!sex, frottage, etc.

  • First times, secret relationships, casual hookups, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and rekindling old relationships

  • People being in love without having to say it, people who are obviously in love but maybe don't realise it, ridiculously overblown romantic gestures where one person (willingly) completely embarrasses themselves, and small gestures that mean a whole lot more than they seem to

  • In general, I prefer fic on the happier end of the spectrum - some angst, violence, etc. is okay, especially if it's canon-appropriate, but I do enjoy happy endings

  • Where I've requested two characters together or mentioned ships, I would love to receive shipfic if you're at all that way inclined - any rating is more than welcome

  • Things I'd prefer not to receive:

  • Character studies/introspection/alternate POV on canon events

  • First person POV

  • Genderswap

  • Issue fic

  • Focus on unrequested pairings

  • Avalon High (Allie Pennington)

    Okay, so: While I was watching this for the first time, I enjoyed it (mostly because of Britt Robertson's face, ngl), AND THEN THE ENDING HAPPENED AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE 1000%. Basically this movie hit on some of my favourite tropes crazy hard (mythology adaptations! modern AUs! girls in armour!), and I really just want more of any of that. Adventures! Swordfighting! Prophecies! Crazy magic stuff! High school! Literally all of it is <3 <3 <3

    This is the rare fandom where I really don't ship anything, so I'd love to receive gen, please!

    Things I would particularly love:

  • Anything set post-movie. How does Allie deal with the revelation that she's actually King Arthur? Where does she go from here? I loved the last scene of the movie - the way the whole gang was together, the blending of their past and present identities - and I'd love anything that continues in that vein.

  • Past lives! If you wanted to write me Arthurian mythology fic where Allie is the king and Miles is her wizard, etc. I would be so on board with that! MORE GIRLS IN ARMOUR, basically. And swordfighting. (There doesn't have to be swordfighting. But I would definitely enjoy it if that's the sort of thing you would like to write.)

  • Identity porn. All the identity porn. Playing around with the characters' identities and histories would be seriously awesome, so go nuts with that.

  • Or you could introduce other characters from Arthurian myth! More knights of the round table! Morgan le Fay! The Lady of the Lake! And who was Will, after all?

  • ANYTHING ELSE EVER. This is true of all my requests, but seriously, feel free to go as trope-y as you like. Whatever you feel like writing, I will adore it!

  • Where can I find it?: Avalon High is a Disney Channel Original Movie that aired in 2010. It hasn't been released on DVD, but is available on Netflix or to download via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, or here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6.

    Countdown to Adventure (Comics) (Koriand'r, Buddy Baker)

    I probably wasn't supposed to come out of Countdown to Adventure desperately wanting Kory to hook up with Animal Man, and yet. I loved the bits we got of their off-world adventures, as well as their complicated relationship back on Earth, and I'd love to see more of any of that. I don't mind some dirtybadwrong angst if you decide to go the shippy route (which I wholeheartedly endorse!), but I'd rather there wasn't too much focus on Buddy's family - handwaving them, or going with the idea that Buddy's wife decided to move on, is completely fine. I'm also more than happy for Adam Strange to appear, since I loved their three-person team; some of my prompts do include him, but obviously those are 100% optional.

    Things I would particularly love:

  • More off-world adventures! I loved Kory and Buddy's trio adventures with Adam Strange in 52, and I would love to read anything set during that time.

  • Future adventures! Kory and Buddy teaming up for another mission, or thrown together on the same team. Do some of their old allies/enemies seek them out again?

  • Literally anything IN SPACE. Super bonus points if it has anything to do with Tamaran! (Or Rann, if you want to include Adam Strange.)

  • Or more run-ins with the Green Lantern Corps - or any other corps! (You know Kory would be an amazing Star Sapphire.)

  • Or anything else trope-y! Aliens made them do it! Space invaders! Powers gone wrong!

  • What are the sleeping arrangements like during their time off-world? How does Buddy react to Kory's unique approach to things like nudity? And what other effects do those fruits have, anyway?

  • Where can I find it?: Countdown to Adventure is an 8-issue miniseries. Kory and Buddy (as well as Adam Strange) also team up in 52 and the Rann-Thanagar Holy War arc. These appearances are all collected in trade paperback or available online. If you need them, there are links to 52 and some other appearances, including Countdown to Adventure.

    The Dark Knight Legacy (Web Series) (Stephanie Brown, John Blake)

    I came out of The Dark Knight Rises really wanting John Blake and Stephanie Brown to meet. AND THEN SOMEBODY MADE THIS AND IT'S LIKE IT WAS JUST FOR ME. I love the way it veered off from the implied ending of the films, with the concept of Blake being Nightwing instead of jumping straight into replacing Batman, and the introduction of Red Hood and Penguin and (presumably) Black Mask, and Steph being a cop - and since we won't be getting a continuation of the series, I desperately want to see what happens next.

    Things I would particularly love:

  • What led to Steph deciding to be a cop? Is her father still Cluemaster? What happens when she has to go up against him, or Gotham's other villains? Do she and Nightwing work together, or do they sometimes end up clashing?

  • How does Steph deal with the corruption running rampant in Gotham PD? I loved Dick Grayson: Cop in Nightwing, and comics that deal with Gotham law enforcement (particularly Gotham Central), and I'd love to see Steph continuing that legacy.

  • That said, I'd also super love it if she decided to do the vigilante thing. Does Nightwing need a Robin? A Batgirl? Does he decide to take up the mantle of Batman and pass Nightwing onto her?

  • It seems like Blake knows Steph - has he served with her as a cop? Is he still leading a double life as a cop by day, vigilante by night? Were they in the academy together, or do they ever end up as partners? This is another fandom where identity porn would be A++

  • I'd also love, love, love to see the introduction of more comics characters. Cass! Oracle! Black Canary! Literally anybody would be fantastic, and I'd love to see a different take on comics characters, or how they could fit into this universe, and I'd especially love to see Steph interacting with them.

  • Where can I find it? The Dark Knight Legacy is a seven-minute short film set following the events of The Dark Knight Rises, focusing on the Gotham underworld and new threats rising in the city - no knowledge of TDKR is needed to watch. You can watch the episode here on YouTube (or download if you prefer).

    Miss Match (Kate Fox)

    I love this fandom, and I would love any kind of fic written for it - gen or shippy, drama, comedy, crack, crossover, AU, whatever. Things I love the most include: The fact that every episode contains its very own miniature romantic comedy, hanging out at the bar, Kate in matchmaking mode, first dates, blind dates, not-a-date dates, anything and everything where characters interact with each other. I'd particularly love anything in the style of the show - that is to say, something romantic comedy-ish - but I'd be just as happy to read something plotty, or dramatic, or smutty, or anything else you could possibly write.

    Things I would particularly love:

  • Post-series fic where Adam keeps pursuing Kate, and where she (reluctantly) falls for him. I just really loved this storyline, and I'd love to see it play out - especially if their relationships with Michael stay intact.

  • Nick/Victoria. Anything, anything involving Nick and Victoria. Hookups at the bar? Sexy roommates with benefits? Mutually being in denial about the fact they they're totally (still) dating? Yes, please! (Note: If you write this, don't feel like Kate has to appear.)

  • Anything that reads vaguely like an episode of the show - feel free to make up your own couple(s) for Kate to matchmake, or a plotty court case for her to get involved in, or anything else you feel like writing.

  • Crossovers are also totally welcome, though I'd prefer fandoms I'm familiar with. The Clueless fan in me would particularly love a crossover with Franklin & Bash (maybe Kate and Jared went to high school together??? and/or they meet on a divorce case?), and I've always really wanted a Psych crossover where blah blah blah legal stuff, and maybe Kate sets up Gus with ALL THE LADIES (or possibly with Shawn). But feel free to use your imagination (as long as the primary focus stays on Miss Match).

  • Where can I find it? Miss Match ran for a single 18-episode season in 2003. It isn't available on DVD (to my everlasting disappointment), but the episodes can be acquired in the usual places online.

    I once wrote a Miss Match fandom primer that has download links and more information.

    Nightwing (Comics) (Rose Wilson, Dick Grayson)

    I love the Renegade arc of Nightwing so much. ALL ROSE NEEDS IS FOR SOMEBODY TO VALUE HER AND HAVE FAITH IN HER CUE DICK GRAYSON, BEST HUMAN. I love how it dealt with Rose's daddy issues and was a massive turning point in her characterisation, and of course I adored the flirty, mentor/protegé relationship between her and Dick.

    Things I would particularly love:

  • More training or team-ups, either set during the Renegade timeframe or later on. Rose came a long way during her time with Dick, but there are times later on when I feel like she could really benefit from his presence - and of course I'd love to read more about the time they actually spent together (especially if it somehow leads to sparring!sex).

  • More missions! Does Dick ever come back to hang with the Teen Titans, or does he need Rose's help on a case?

  • Rose's objectification of Dick was A++, and I would be thrilled to read more of that.

  • I also really loved the conflict with Superman in this - he's already an awesome mentor and big brother figure to Dick, and I'd love to see Rose get to benefit from some of that, too. How would she even cope in bright and sunny Metropolis?

  • Or an AU - maybe a universe where Rose became Dick's sidekick partner? Where he becomes Batman and passes the Nightwing legacy on to her? Where she's part of the Batfamily, or a member of an entirely different team?

  • Where can I find it? The 'Renegade' arc of the pre-New 52 Nightwing comic (issues #112-117) collects the relevant storyline, and is collected in trade paperback or available online. The Rose Wilson masterpost contains links to all her pre-New 52 comics appearances.

    Teen Titans (Comics) (Rose Wilson, Kon-El)

    I loved Rose's budding friendship/relationship/whatever with Kon towards the end of Teen Titans. HE GAVE HER THE KEY TO HIS HEART KILLING HIM. She showed up in a towel a lot! They actually learnt to like and trust each other and were totally heading towards a hookup before the universe was rebooted. I also adore the Teen Titans in general, so ensemble fic featuring the rest of the team, or appearances from other DC characters, would be more than welcome.

    Things I would particularly love:

  • Rose and Kon teaming up on a mission, either alone or as part of the Titans.

  • I feel like super trope-y fic fits in perfectly with comics - do Rose and Kon ever get sex pollen-ed? Truth serum? Have to go undercover? Does Kon get captured and Rose has to valiantly save him? (A whole bunch, I bet.)

  • Something more slice-of-life would also be great - Titans movie night? Weirdly competitive gaming tournaments? Rose and Kon sparring?

  • I also enjoy Kon's solo title(s) - does Rose ever end up in Smallville? Because I bet that would be amazing.

  • I'd love to see the Teen Titans, and Rose in particular, teaming up with Damian again - adorable angry ex-assassins represent!

  • I'd also love to read about Rose's time as part of the Terror Titans. I found the Terror Titans really interesting, and would love some sort of continuation of that, or to read more about that time.

  • Where can I find it? Prior to the New 52 reboot, Rose appeared in titles including Teen Titans (2003-2011), the 2008 Terror Titans miniseries, and a backup series of her own collected as Ravager: Fresh Blood. These appearances are all collected in trade paperback or available online. The Rose Wilson masterpost contains links to all her pre-New 52 comics appearances.

    If you're looking for a primer, I highly recommend [personal profile] dudski's an absolutely not brief history of rose wilson.

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