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Equinox Vids 2017

I am so excited about this exchange, I can't even begin to tell you. I love vids! And I love these fandoms, and I am already 100% guaranteed to love a vid in any of these fandoms.

General vid things I love: Ensemble vids. Character studies. Fun shippy vids. Vids that highlight some of my favourite things about the source. Vids that point out something I never noticed in the source. Vids that give me chills. Vids that make me cry. Vids that make me laugh. Vids that make me clap my hands in glee. Vids that use music I love, and music that's completely new to me, and music that obviously goes with that source, and that I never would have through to pair with the source but works surprisingly well. Basically, I just really love vids.

(Things I don't love: Gimmicky music/audio source, talking in vids, a lot of effects. Generally, I prefer fast-paced vids to ones that are slow and lingering.)

Andromeda (Rommie, Harper/Rommie)

Rommie is my FAVOURITE, so what I'd love more than anything is any kind of vid featuring her. I adore her in all her forms - avatar, AI, literal freaking warship - and her android self most of all. I also super ship her with Harper, and any kind of ship vid would completely make my year. I'd also absolutely adore a vid about the whole crew, or the series itself, or just about anything else! For such an amazing show, Andromeda has a super small fandom, so more vids! Any kind of vids! Would be super amazing <3

Battlestar Galactica (Helo/Athena, Helo/Boomer, Lee/Boomer)

Battlestar Galactica is probably the fandom of my heart, and while there are already so many great vids for it, I will always be able to watch more. In particular, I would love something shippy - Sharon is my fave (both Boomer and Athena), and while Helo/Sharon is my OTP, I also ship her with just about everyone, especially Lee and poor, doomed Crashdown, and anything even a little bit shippy for any of these couple would give me life. Of course, if there's a BSG vid you've always been dying to make, by all means, give me that instead!

Green Lantern (Comics)(Green Lantern Corps, Blue Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Mogo)

GREEN LANTERNS REPRESENT. This is pretty much a blanket request for Green Lanterns in all their forms - while I love the comics the most, I'd also adore an all media types vid if you'd like to include the DCAU movies or animated series in particular. I'm also 100% up for the inclusion of other Lantern Corps; Blue Lanterns in particular are my FAVOURITE, but I find all the Lantern Corps fascinating. I loved the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night storylines in the comics, if you'd like to focus on either of those, but really I'd love anything about any of the Lantern Corps and the characters in them. (While I'm obviously happy for them to be included in any vid, I'm least interested in the Earth-based Green Lanterns, so I wouldn't want something that focuses solely on one of them.)

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (Ensemble)

I love that this film is primarily about the non-human Green Lanterns. ALSO MOGO IS MY FAVOURITE GREEN LANTERN EVER. Just in case you need to know that. I'd prefer something ensemble-based that weaves all the different stories together, but if you'd rather focus on just one, that's fine by me. Also more than okay is including other Green Lantern sources (see above).

Star Wars: Clone Wars (Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker)

I've been watching Clone Wars concurrently with Rebels, and I am not afraid to tell you that I am having a LOT of Ahsoka feels. Also a lot of feelings about Anakin, which was surprising, since I never cared much about him in the films. But I would love any vid about either of them, and especially anything about their relationship, which I adore and is so amazing and tragic and !!!!! And obviously it's not required, but if you wanted to include source from Star Wars: Rebels I would be 100% okay with that, just fyi.

Stargate Atlantis (Ronon Dex)

I would love, love, love a Ronon vid. Something action-y, character study, team-y vid - anything at all would be amazing, as long as it's about Ronon. He's one of my favourite characters, and I love Jason Momoa in the role so much, and yet the vast majority of SGA vids I've watched are not-Ronon, so please help me fix this!!! (I also love a lot of other things about the show, including: TEAM!!!!, wacky space hijinks, Ancient ~technology, super ridiculousness all the time, FACES!!!)