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Fandom 5K 2017

Dear writer:

Thank you so much for writing me a fic! I'm super excited about this exchange, and I can't wait to read whatever you end up writing. I've included some prompts for each of my fandoms, but obviously these are optional if there's something else you'd prefer to write. Feel free to treat my general likes as prompts also, since these are things I enjoy in every fandom. (Also, I know that some of my fandom sections are shorter or longer than others, but please don't read anything into it - I desperately want fic for every fandom I requested!)

You can find me on AO3 as Zhailei.

General likes:

  • Ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, smut, apocalypses (zombie or otherwise), and ridiculous AUs

  • Tropes and clich├ęs - fake dating, forced proximity, trapped together, sharing a bed, undercover missions, identity porn, accidental marriage, bachelor auctions, truth or dare, sex pollen, accidental stimulation, wall!sex, frottage, etc.

  • First times, secret relationships, casual hookups, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and rekindling old relationships

  • People being in love without having to say it, people who are obviously in love but maybe don't realise it, ridiculously overblown romantic gestures where one person (willingly) completely embarrasses themselves, and small gestures that mean a whole lot more than they seem to

  • In general, I prefer fic on the happier end of the spectrum - happy (or at least hopeful) endings are my jam

  • DNW: Character studies/introspection/alternate POV on canon events, angst/darkfic/unhappy endings, unrequested pairings, first person POV, issue fic

    Miss Match

    Kate Fox, Adam Logan/Kate Fox (Canon Style Plot, Getting Together, Humor, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life)

    I love this fandom, and I would love any kind of fic written for it - gen or shippy, drama, comedy, crack, crossover, AU, whatever. Things I love the most include: The fact that every episode contains its very own miniature romantic comedy, hanging out at the bar, Kate in matchmaking mode, first dates, blind dates, not-a-date dates, anything and everything where characters interact with each other. I'd particularly love anything in the style of the show - that is to say, something romantic comedy-ish - but I'd be just as happy to read something plotty, or dramatic, or smutty, or anything else you could possibly write.


  • Post-series fic where Adam keeps pursuing Kate, and where she (reluctantly) falls for him. I just really loved this storyline, and I'd love to see it play out - especially if their relationships with Michael stay intact.

  • Matchmaking! I loved that aspect of the show in particular, and I'd love to read about some new couples for Kate to set up.

  • What if that couple was Nick and Victoria? I adored their relationship on the show, and I'd love to see a continuation of that.

  • Or maybe a plotty court case? Super bonus points for Daniel Dae Kim's character showing up again!

  • Believe me when I say: literally anything <3


    Kate Fox (Miss Match) & Shawn Spencer (Psych) & Burton Guster (Psych) (Canon Style Plot, Humor, Mystery/Procedural)

    I feel Psych and Miss Match mesh well together, tone-wise - they're both light and funny and semi-procedural-y, and I'd love to see them cross over. I love Kate, and I love the relationship between Shawn and Gus, and, well, two great tastes, right? I do ship Shawn/Gus if that's your thing, but I also adore them as friends. There's also the James Roday connection between the two shows, which you can feel free to either play up or handwave as you prefer.


  • Kate needs a consultant for a case. Enter: Psych.

  • Or matchmaking! Does Gus decide he's ready for a relationship, and seek out Kate's help? Does she set him up with ALL THE LADIES (or, perhaps, with Shawn)?

  • Some crossover between a case (or client) of Kate's and a Psych or police investigation.

  • Is Shawn convinced that Nick guy looks just like him (but no-one else sees it)? Does Gus get them mixed up, and it really riles Shawn up?

  • Marvel 616

    Jennifer Walters (Action/Adventure, Canon Style Plot, Humor, Slice of Life)

    THE JEN <3. I'm equally fond of the She-Hulk and FF versions of Jen, and I'd love to see her in either context - kicking ass as a lawyer (or bounty hunter) or as a superhero. Or both! I also loved the recent She-Hulk Diaries novel, so basically what I'm saying is that all versions of Jen = awesome. (Except the John Byrne "She-Hulk smash!" version. Full sentences, please!)


  • Adventures as a solo superhero! I love Jen's solo titles, so anything set during those, or in a similar style, would be amazing.

  • I'd also love a superhero team-up of any sort - with the Avengers, FF (loved the reunion in Astonishing Ant-Man), or anybody else you'd like to team her up with.

  • Crossovers-(ish)! What about that time Jen worked a case for [insert Marvel superhero/villain here]? X-Men are my perennial fave, and I love the cosmic Marvel stuff, but I'd be happy to read about Jen with anyone.

  • Alternatively, Walters v [insert Marvel superhero/villain here]. Or any case where she has to work with or against Matt Murdock.

  • Or maybe something more slice of life? I'd love to read more about Jen in her everyday/working life, or just having some downtime.

  • Hanging out in the kitchen at the Baxter Building? Having drunken girls nights out? Working a tough new case? Space travelling across the universe to do Magistrati ~stuff? Smashing things (while still being a super intelligent, if somewhat impulse control-challenged, lawyer)? Bring it on!

  • DCU (Comics)

    Buddy Baker/Koriand'r (Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Getting Together, Smut)

    I probably wasn't supposed to come out of Countdown to Adventure desperately wanting Kory to hook up with Animal Man, and yet. I loved the bits we got of their off-world adventures, as well as their complicated relationship back on Earth, and I'd love to see more of any of that. I don't mind some dirtybadwrong angst if you decide to go the shippy route (which I wholeheartedly endorse!), but I'd rather there wasn't too much focus on Buddy's family - handwaving them, or going with the idea that Buddy's wife decided to move on, is completely fine. I'm also more than happy for Adam Strange to appear, since I loved their three-person team; some of my prompts do include him, but obviously those are 100% optional.


  • More off-world adventures! I loved Kory and Buddy's trio adventures with Adam Strange in 52, and I would love to read anything set during that time.

  • Future adventures! Kory and Buddy teaming up for another mission, or thrown together on the same team. Do some of their old allies/enemies seek them out again?

  • Literally anything IN SPACE. Super bonus points if it has anything to do with Tamaran! (Or Rann, if you want to include Adam Strange.)

  • Or more run-ins with the Green Lantern Corps - or any other corps! (You know Kory would be an amazing Star Sapphire.)

  • Or anything else trope-y! Aliens made them do it! Space invaders! Powers gone wrong!

  • What are the sleeping arrangements like during their time off-world? How does Buddy react to Kory's unique approach to things like nudity? And what other effects do those fruits have, anyway?

  • Rose Wilson, Dick Grayson/Rose Wilson, Kon-El/Rose Wilson (Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Getting Together, Smut)

    Rose is one of my very favourite comics characters ever - I guess I have a thing for blondes with supervillain dads who nobody really believes can or should be superheroes. I love her attitude and her general badassery and the way she's combative and rage-y and sometimes struggles with being a superhero. I love how she flirts with basically everyone. I love how she started off as a bad guy trying to be her dad, and, yeah, sometimes she has a hard time not killing people. But she's trying. But she's trying. And, okay, so: I know Rose was super messed up and not really herself during the whole 'trying to be her dad' era, but HER EYE <3 <3 <3 I KNOW IT'S MESSED UP BUT IT'S POSSIBLY MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT HER. Because she's a badass and she has a ridiculous family background and she's super messed up because of it, and all of that is so integral to who she is and I love every bit of it. ALSO THE RENEGADE ARC, ALL SHE NEEDS IS FOR SOMEBODY TO VALUE HER AND HAVE FAITH IN HER CUE DICK GRAYSON, BEST HUMAN.

    I also loved Rose's budding friendship/relationship/whatever with Kon towards the end of Teen Titans. HE GAVE HER THE KEY TO HIS HEART KILLING HIM. She showed up in a towel a lot! They actually learnt to like and trust each other and were totally heading towards a hookup before the universe was rebooted. I adore the Teen Titans in general, so ensemble fic featuring the rest of the team, or appearances from other DC characters, would be more than welcome.


  • More missions/training/team-ups with Dick. Does Dick ever come back to hang with the Teen Titans, or does he need Rose's help on a case? And of course I'd love to read more about the time they actually spent together (especially if it somehow leads to sparring!sex).

  • I really loved the conflict with Superman in the Renegade arc - he's already an awesome mentor and big brother figure to Dick, and I'd love to see Rose get to benefit from some of that, too. How would she even cope in bright and sunny Metropolis?

  • I love some kind of AU - maybe a universe where Rose became Dick's sidekick partner? Where he becomes Batman and passes the Nightwing legacy on to her? Where she's part of the Batfamily, or a member of an entirely different team?

  • Rose and Kon teaming up on a mission, either alone or as part of the Titans.

  • I feel like super trope-y fic fits in perfectly with comics - do Rose and Kon ever get sex pollen-ed? Truth serum? Have to go undercover? Does Kon get captured and Rose has to valiantly save him? (A whole bunch, I bet.)

  • Something more slice-of-life would also be great - Titans movie night? Weirdly competitive gaming tournaments? Rose and Kon sparring?

  • I also enjoy Kon's solo title(s) - does Rose ever end up in Smallville? Because I bet that would be amazing.

  • I'd love to see the Teen Titans, and Rose in particular, teaming up with Damian again - adorable angry ex-assassins represent!

  • Stephanie Brown, Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson/Stephanie Brown (Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Getting Together, Smut)

    Stephanie Brown is the comics character of my heart, and basically what I want is anything about her ever. I love everything about her, from her self-deprecating sense of humour to her constant struggle with gravity to the way she's still atoning for the past to her love of waffles. And I really, really love the way she finally grows into herself as a hero as Batgirl and has the confidence to own the mantle, even if she's not perfect and knows she still has a lot to learn. I have a strong preference for Batgirl-era Steph, though if you wanted to go way back and write Robin!Steph, I would be totally cool with that, as long as there's none of the part where everybody tells her she sucks and then Batman fires her. I love, love Batgirl!Steph, though, and what I would love most of all is more of that - the series ended far too soon, and there are so many adventures I would still love to see her have.


  • The Continuing Adventures of Batgirl. Anything from the end of the last issue would be amazing to read about, as would anything you can come up with on your own

  • Team ups! Whether canonical or not, I'd love to see Steph interacting as part of a team - in particular, a team full of awesome people who like her and aren't jerks. Or teaming up with pretty much anyone else from the DC universe - you can check my comics tag for characters/titles I'm familiar with, though I have at least a passing familiarity with most of the post-crisis universe.

  • I've always thought Steph and Dick had a lot in common; I love reading pretty much anything where they interact, and Dick/Steph is the (not so) secret pairing of my heart. Did they run into each other again/teamed up together while he was Batman? Or after he went back to being Nightwing - if you want to pretend the cancellation and/or reboot never happened and Steph is still totally Batgirl, I will live with you in that universe.

  • Dirtybadwrong Bruce/Steph d/s fic. (I blame the schoolgirl outfit from Leviathan Strikes, honestly. Also that time Black Canary described kissing Batman as, "Kinda hot, really. Like kissing your principal while on detention.") Or Bruce&Steph genfic, because I always loved the few times they teamed up in canon, and because I really just want him to approve of and be nice to her and not be a complete jerk.

  • Or just more Leviathan Strikes fic! I want to live in the world where Steph is a super secret undercover spy in an all-girls boarding school that's actually a secret assassin training facility. (Honestly, who doesn't?)

  • AUs! I want to read about the universe where Steph is a Green Lantern! Or the one where she's Nightwing. Or where the reboot never happened. Or where Steph still exists in the New 52. Or pretty much anything else! <3

  • Adorable domestic Batfamily shenanigans that include Cass and Steph.

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