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Title: Scientist
Fandom: The Flash (Barry)
Music: Scientist - Dandy Warhols
Summary: Analysis and freaky sensitivity.
Notes: Made for [ profile] elipie for [ profile] festivids.

download 60MB .mp4 @

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Dear festividder,

Thank you so much for making a vid for me! I love vids! And I love these fandoms, and I am already 100% guaranteed to love a vid in any of these fandoms.

General vid things I love: Ensemble vids. Character studies. Fun shippy vids. Vids that highlight some of my favourite things about the source. Vids that point out something I never noticed in the source. Vids that give me chills. Vids that make me cry. Vids that make me laugh. Vids that make me clap my hands in glee. Vids that use music I love, and music that's completely new to me, and music that obviously goes with that source, and that I never would have through to pair with the source but works surprisingly well. Basically, I just really love vids.

In case you'd like more information, my requests are under the cut, along with a few more details.

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Oh, wait, not that Flash.

Flash casting spoilers )

I am really really really excited for this show, PLEASE BE AMAZING. (Also if you wanted to make Barry and Iris super sibling-y and then make out, that would be okay, too.)


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