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Non-spoilery reaction: Well, that was certainly a thing I just watched.

More detailed thoughts )
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I saw Les Misérables yesterday! And I have thoughts )

Also, in like twelve hours I'm going to New Zealand, I am super excite. SUCK IT HEAT WAVE, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET ME OVER THERE.
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So I did that seven questions meme and then TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT, OOPS. Anyway! [ profile] torigates gave me:

Seven things I like about you )

Also I watched Monte Carlo, which isn't a DCOM but does star Selena Gomez, so it doesn't really count as branching out. But it did remind me I think I have some half-finished Selena Gomez/Leighton Meester fic stashed in a drawer somewhere, and I'm trying (unsuccessfully, but still) to finish off some WIPs this, IDK, year, so maybe I'll try to find that and dust it off. Or something.

And I watched two more episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, which means I only have the finale to go! I'M JUST NOT READY OKAY, I WILL WATCH IT EVENTUALLY BUT YOU CAN'T RUSH THESE THINGS.
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PEOPLE ON MY FLIST WHO LOVE YOUNG JUSTICE (I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU): If you like vids at all, you absolutely have to watch [ profile] beccatoria's new vid Marchin' On, it is the whole team and FEELINGS OMG, basically I have to watch it a million more times and you should too!

In other news, I still have not read pretty much any yuletide fic other than my gifts, mostly because I (finally) recently watched Thor and Captain America and now I've been sucked into Avengers fic (Darcy is the best<3). No regrets.
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I have not watched ALL the vids, because that would be insane (there are 174 vids!), but I did watch a lot, and they are all awesome. Since (unfortunately) I can't rec every single vid, here are a few of my very favourites:

25 recs in 22 fandoms )
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Legion = The Terminator?

Spoilers for the movie, I guess? )

But I kind of want Michael/Charlie fic like burning. And I have fic recs, for anyone who has seen the movie (and if you haven't, I don't particularly recommend it).

light it up by [personal profile] shiegra (Michael/Charlie) It's probably blasphemy anyway.

And He So Loved The World by [ profile] monimala (Michael/Charlie, Michael/Gabriel) Basically my attempt to "fix" Legion, by fleshing out Michael's motivation and what made Charlie and her pregnancy so important.

Namesake by [personal profile] shiegra (Audrey, Charlie) Audrey blinked. "You have to have thought about it -- "

No Prayers by [personal profile] shiegra (Audrey, Gabriel) Not so different after all.
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Why are there no Whip It vids, universe? This is obviously a wrong that must be corrected. And now I kind of want a Disney RPF/Whip It fusion WHERE DEMI AND SELENA JOIN ROLLER DERBY, COME ON, IT WOULD BE AWESOME. I also think there should be a Zac/Vanessa Back to the Future AU, IDEK. But Zac Efron kind of reminds me of a young Michael J Fox, so, clearly it should be a thing.

Also, in things that aren't related but sound like they are, I really think somebody should vid Psych to Whip It (the song). Devo is still cool, right?

Anyway, I spent all weekend copying everything on my computer to an eternal HD, erasing my hard drive, and installing a new operating system. (Before that, I was running Tiger, which. New software wouldn't run on my computer! So this is much better.) And then reinstalling everything. Which took a long time, but I ended up with, like 20GB of extra space on my hard drive, so I'm not complaining.

And I watched Brothers & Sisters, which - apparently Joe Jonas was supposed to be on the show? Really old casting + episode spoilers )

Um, and I signed up for twitter, so I guess I'm doing that now?
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Thing: I saw High School Musical 3! And it was awesome. And, okay, the theatre was mostly filled with giggling eight year old girls, but whatever. I laughed throughout, like, the whole thing (roughly equal parts amusement and affection), and there was singing and dancing and basketball and prom and graduation and Ryan being delightfully gay and an entire scene whose sole purpose, as far as I could tell, was to have everyone in the cast grope hug Gabriella. Anyway, that was pretty much the final part to my whole birthday week extravaganza, and I had a blast.

Also, while we were shopping beforehand, Jeremy asked me if I would want a High School Musical DDR-type game, and I was forced to admit that, yes, I really would want that. I'm not sure if I just turned twenty-five or twelve.

Thing 1: Vid insta-rec! (Now That I Can) Dance by [ profile] ladymajavader Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan. Richard tries to impress Kahlan with a combination of flying leaps, pervasive shirtlessness and funky new dance moves he learned just for her. But does she love him (now that he can dance)? I know fandom's collective attention is currently focused on a different cracky fantasy show, but I kind of love Legend of the Seeker beyond the telling of it. Even if you're not watching the show, I'd definitely recommend this vid, which is awesome and upbeat and dance-y and cracky and shirtless. Guh.

Thing 3: One Tree Hill!! ♥ Okay, so some of you might be questioning my fandom choices by now, but I refuse to care. I just finished season two, and oh, with Dan -> building on fire and Anders HOT UNCLE COOPER! and Nathan having, like, the best breakdown in the history of ever (where he goes to school because he threw his Playstation at the wall his Playstation broke, and his idea of punishing Haley is to paint the apartment pink and hang pictures of clowns, which is pretty much completely awesome) and crashing race cars and cracky AUs, and ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Am back from visiting my dad in Sydney. As expected, there was a lot of beer. I'm sure other stuff happened, too.

Watched Fantastic Four 2 with Jeremy last night. I'm fairly certain I can't have been the only person to watch it and think that Sue married the wrong person. Seriously - at least some scenes of Sue and Johnny making out on-screen would have taken the film above 80 minutes. And would not at all have been out of place. (This also led to Jeremy's observation, after Sue and Johnny are feeling each other up embracing, and Reed and Ben hug, that Ben/Reed would actually be a viable pairing, in that The Thing is quite a bit larger than ordinary people, and Reed can stretch. Um.)

I'm almost caught up on SGA, which is awesome, but also means I'll be forced to wait a week between episodes like normal people (who don't share my habit of catching up on fandoms really late, then devouring entire seasons in a matter of days). Damn.

And a meme, from [ profile] musesfool:

The first and last lines from the last ten fics I wrote.

We've already danced tonight )
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Jeremy and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End today.

Yo ho ho, rum and some spoilers )

We also got to see a lot of trailers, which is one of my favourite things about seeing a movie at the cinema. Die Hard 4.0 is going to fucking rock; Transformers actually looks like something I want to see. And we got to see the OOTP trailer, which got me more excited about the film release than I have been so far; I'm still not sure I want to go see it on opening day, but we'll see.

And etc.

Mar. 1st, 2007 05:23 pm
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I've been watching a lot of movies in the past couple of days, and I've come to two conclusions:

John Travolta is was seriously hot. Seriously, seriously hot. Fuck.

Resident Evil is an awesome movie. I put it on for one reason - Michelle Rodriguez, aka. the woman for whom I would gladly forsake all others (sorry, Jeremy). I had no idea it also starred James "fuck me now" Purefoy and Eric "Dean Hess" Mabius, but both were pleasant surprises. I love movies.

Today was either really good or really bad, and I can't tell which. The bad was that I was sick, and couldn't go home because we're woefully understaffed, nobody could come in to cover my shift, the place was a mess and we had a million things to do (a massive hailstorm meant that the store didn't open at all yesterday), and one of our big bosses is coming in at 9am tomorrow - and he's not happy with us. I finally got to go home 45 minutes before my shift would have ended anyway, which is kinda pathetic.

The good is that one of my friends came into the store (and bought shoes), and it was really great to be able to talk to him; and I got to park all day in the city for free.

So, yeah. I think I'll go watch some more videos (if only I had that one with James Purefoy and Piper Perabo ...)

Also, please guess my song meme. It's halfway done :D


Feb. 17th, 2007 05:47 pm
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Favourite superheroine + favourite fantasy/superhero writer/director/creator = ded. Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman would have rocked my fishnet stockings. Boo, you whore.

This new film of his had better be so fucking damn awesome.
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I was going to do that meme that's been running around my friends page. I managed to get at least halfway through it before it drove me insane. Seriously, who writes these things? "Usually always?" "Proficient on a musical instrument?" "Way too much time on the computer than on anything else?" "Unpleased?"

* I have played strip poker with someone else before.

No, I usually play all by myself.

* I believe abortion is murder & wrong.

No - I think abortion is murder and right.

Go finish high school. The internet will still be waiting.

That said, I did mean to update. Undoubtedly [ profile] talumin will be doing the same thing in the next day or so, but since I picked the movies we watched tonight, I thought I might as well review.

Singles )

Imagine Me and You )


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