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Non-spoilery reaction: Well, that was certainly a thing I just watched.

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So apparently I've reached the total crack section of my comics reading.

Leviathan Strikes was exactly as ridiculous as promised, BATGIRL UNDERCOVER AT AN ALL-GIRLS SCHOOL COME BACK TO ME. Loved her friend, too, even if I would have liked to see more of her. (Why couldn't the storyline have been a miniseries instead of a single issue?) BUT OH GOD GRANT MORRISON WHAT, I DON'T EVEN WITH THE SECOND PART OF THAT WHAT. GOOD TIMES A++

Speaking of Grant Morrison, I've been going through the DCAU films and just reached All-Star Superman, which was very Golden Age meets Grant Morrison bizarreness, it was amazing. SUPERMAN HAS A NEWFOUND INTEREST IN SEWING, YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE IN THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE EXCEPT THE SUPER CREEPY ROOM OF MYSTERY, P.S. THEY HAVE A PARTY TO GO TO IN ATLANTIS IN AN HOUR.

And now I've started reading the original Young Justice comics, which are ridiculous and cracky and super fun BUT OMG SUPERBOY'S HAIR AND EARRING WHAT I AM 100% SURE THESE THINGS WERE NOT STILL IN FASHION BY NINETEEN-FREAKING-NINETY-EIGHT.

Also, in the tradition of the Batfamily being kind of jerks, from the Secret Origins 80-page giant )


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