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Be cool, Gail. Be cool. ([personal profile] amathela) wrote2008-04-23 04:27 am

Unpopular pairings (or, Come play with me!)

We all have them, right? Those pairings we love, or maybe are just a little interested in, but which - for whatever reason - simply aren't popular. Maybe it interferes with a fandom's OTP, maybe it features one or more minor characters, maybe it's a het pairing in a primarily slash fandom (or vice versa). Maybe it's completely cracktastic - the two characters have never actually met in fandom, or there's no good reason to ship them other than just because. Or maybe the pairing is actually canon, but is pretty much loathed (or simply ignored) by fandom in general. And sometimes you just wish someone would come along and say, "Hey, I can write that for you!"

Well, why don't we give it a shot? Comment here with any or all of your favourite unpopular pairings, in any fandom you like, and see if maybe there's somebody out there who will write it. Check out other peoples' wish lists, and if there's a fandom you're familiar with, and a pairing you're not completely opposed to, have a go at it. It can be comment!fic, a snippet, whatever - but come give it a shot, try something new, and help spread the love of unconventional pairings.

[What qualifies as an unpopular pairing? As a general rule, if you couldn't compile a rec list without a) including every fic you've ever read, or b) at all, it probably belongs here.]

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