amathela: (farscape: aeryn)
Be cool, Gail. Be cool. ([personal profile] amathela) wrote2008-04-27 11:34 pm

Remix reveal

[ profile] remixredux08 authors have been revealed! I wrote There Is Never Enough Food (We're All Going To Die Hungry Remix) (Farscape, John/Aeryn), which is a remix of [ profile] hossgal's There Is Never Enough Food.

I was sure it was an easy guess, especially after the [ profile] remixthedrabble author reveals; I remixed a Farscape fic for that, too, and in a fairly similar manner. Overall, though, I was very happy with my remix. I took a slice-of-life Rygel POV ficlet and turned it into a surreal (sort of) apocafic, which was exactly what I wanted to do from the minute I read the original - I read it, and thought, hey, what if there really wasn't enough food, and the rest sprang from there.

And, of course, my remixer turned out to be [ profile] sabaceanbabe, which was an awesome surprise - firstly, having one of my Farscape fics remixed, since I didn't qualify in the fandom (I'm guessing we matched on BSG), and secondly, being remixed by someone on my flist; I love the fic, and I love that it was written by someone I know :D