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Things I read lately:

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Currently Reading:

  • I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You. Still, I know! I got sidetracked by Heist Society, whatevs.

  • The Eyre Affair. Re-reading, definitely enjoying. It's a nice change of pace for bedtime reading after JS&MN.

  • Comics: Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery, Fearless Defenders, Nova, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. NO DC ONGOING TITLES. I'm still following a few New 52 titles in trades, but none as they come out, I just do not have the emotional investment for that.

    Up Next:

  • The rest of the Heist Society and Gallagher Girls books <3

  • At some stage, the latest Dresden Files and Wheel of Time books.

  • New Avengers v.2, Spider-Girl, Gillen's JiM run.
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    There's still a week left to sign up for [ profile] rarewomen if that's something that appeals to you (which it should, because it's amazing). Also, they're allowing up to six requests this year, which means I had to edit my signup to add more requests. Obviously. I also updated my letter to reflect that; I'm now asking for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Big Time Rush, Miss Match, and Avalon High, so excited!

    I FINALLY FINISHED READING JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORRELL, FEELING PRETTY GOOD ABOUT MYSELF RIGHT NOW, NGL. I'm also now up to date on a bunch of ongoing comics titles (most of which just started, whatevs), none of which are DC, I'm really just not interested enough in any of the New 52 to bother (besides which, they inevitably end up cancelling most of the titles I'm even remotely up to date on, so).

    Happy birthday [ profile] annakovsky! I hope you had a fantastic day <3

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    The title of this post may be kind of obvious? But I figured I'd split this up, since there's a much much (much) longer comics section coming soon, so.

    Reading makes my speaking English good )

    Currently Reading:


  • I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You. I'm not very far through it, but I'm enjoying it so far.

  • The Marriage Bargain. Haha, IDEK. I was in the mood for super trope-y chick lit, which this definitely is, though the characters are still a little too Stock Interchangeable Chick Lit Archetypes for my taste so far.

  • Up Next:

  • Tomorrow, When the War Began re-read for [ profile] beforetv

  • Re-reading Heist Society, then catching up on Uncommon Criminals. I'M TWO BOOKS BEHIND, I KNOW. SO TERRIBLE.

  • EVENTUALLY I WILL READ THE FINAL WHEEL OF TIME BOOK. Maybe. If I ever finish Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
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    I cannot believe my holidays are almost over, I have done literally almost nothing. Why do I always use my break to sign up for ficathons I know I'm not going to get finished early?


    1. REWATCHING ONE TREE HILL, WHAT IS EVEN MY LIFE? STILL LIKE CHRIS KELLER. STILL WANT TO MARRY DANNEEL. I cannot be the only person on the internet who loves her and couldn't care less about her husband, right?

    2. Rewatching Farscape (currently on hiatus after S1, see above). Still awesome. Still love everyone.

    3. Reading comics, Emma Frost is the best thing in my life.

    3a. Watching X-Men: First Class, having my heart broken at how not awesome Emma was. Otherwise pretty cool; Mystique is consistently my favourite thing about the movieverse.

    4. Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, v. brief super shallow nonspoilery reaction )


    5a. HEX HALL. Seriously, if you're in the mood for a YA book that isn't all angst and depressingness and dystopias all the time, read this book. It is super fun! Plus, the main couple is actually friends first, it is really great, plus REALLY FANTASTIC (if disappointingly infrequent) MAKEOUTS, I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. AND SHE HAS AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HER FEMALE BFF, WHO IS GAY AND LOVES PINK, and I don't know what the general consensus is on Elodie but I loved her. There is also a sequel, Demonglass, and the third book is coming out in March. But don't wait until then, come read it now!

    5b. DIVERGENT ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. Okay, so this one actually is YA dystopia (it's very Hunger Games), but I'd still recommend giving it a shot even if you're sick of those, because I LOVED IT AND I NEED PEOPLE TO COME TALK ABOUT IT WITH ME. FOUR!!!! SERIOUSLY HE IS SO AMAZING, AND SO IS TRIS (WHO IS THE MAIN CHARACTER), AND I SHIP THEM LIKE CRAZY, AND BASICALLY IT IS SUPER AMAZING GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.

    6. Updating my userpics, I FINALLY HAVE PARKS AND REC AND HAPPY ENDINGS AND GAME OF THRONES ICONS. Speaking of Game of Thrones, I may have to make a separate post about that later, this is already pretty long.
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    Meme-ish things, part two! [ profile] iladora asked for five fictional characters I wish were my IRL friends:

    Ashleigh Howard, Greek. We would borrow each other's clothes and plan fun college parties and watch 80's rom-coms together, it would be awesome. If I could be friends with any fictional character in the universe, it would be Ashleigh.

    Kelly Kapoor, The Office. Okay, honestly, I'm not sure I could stand full-time Kelly, but - Ryan does it? And he's only gone a little bit insane? Plus, she is super fantastic, we could go shopping and paint our nails and watch crappy girly movies and be super excited about BASICALLY ANYTHING THAT IS AWESOME, and she's essentially Mindy Kaling on crack through a sitcom filter, so what's not to love about that?

    Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother. Oh, Ted! I love him, and I don't even care if he pronounces encyclopedia like a tool. I would let him show me architecture and be pretentious and I would listen super patiently to all his many and varied romantic woes and I would fix him up with all my cool single girlfriends even though it would inevitably end in disaster because one day he might just make it work, and we would dress up and go to really boring parties AND THEN WE WOULD WATCH SOME FIGHTING ROBOTS, COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH TED MOSBY TOO.

    Eli Wallace, Stargate Universe. I blame this entirely on a dream I once had where we were friends and bad stuff was happening and then he cuddled me and I felt better, but whatever, he looks like he'd be awesome at cuddling. And that's my entire reasoning. Sometimes you just need a friend who gives good hugs.

    Cara Mason, Legend Of The Seeker. I'm - not really sure how this one would work? At least the others live in what is more or less the real world, but whatever - regular Cara, or modern AU!Cara, or whatever, I think she would be an awesome friend, fierce and snarky and loyal and excellent in bed. If you earned it. And nobody can eye roll like Cara, don't even true to argue.

    [ profile] corleones asked for my top five literary OTPs, and ... honestly, I'm not sure I have a lot of literary OTPs. Which, considering how much I love shipping, honestly surprised me. Um, I really love Knightley/Emma? But other than that, IDK, I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question!

    [ profile] jengrrrl gave me these icons to talk about:

    Tell a thousand words )

    ALSO, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU CAN PROBABLY EXPECT A POST ABOUT THAT SOMETIME SOON. (I know I promised a proper update, but - it's possible I lied?)
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    Finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Reactions (including spoilers for Serenity - don't ask) below.

    Everything under the cut )
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    Inspired by a discussion at Hogwarts Elite (here, for those who are members). J.K. Rowling apparently released a list of her top ten books, which I thought was a fairly average list. Where was the fire? The passion? Where were the books that aren't really any good, but it doesn't matter, because you love them anyway?

    So, with that in mind, I started thinking about my favourite books. I'd never made a list like this before, but I think I nailed the essentials. I've kind of played it fast and loose with the idea of a book - included in my list are a trilogy, two series, a graphic novel and a collection of short stories; it's got fantasy, horror, crime, chick lit, young adult and children's fiction, speculative fiction, and arguably even some actual literature. I drew the line at plays, poetry, fairy tales and non-fiction, but this is what I ended up with:

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll
    Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, by Tom Robbins
    The Fionavar Tapestry (trilogy), by Guy Gavriel Kay
    Welcome to Temptation, by Jennifer Crusie
    Fray, by Joss Whedon
    The Stephanie Plum series, by Janet Evanovich
    Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman
    The Tomorrow, When the War Began series, by John Marsden
    Firestarter, by Stephen King
    What Katy Did, by Susan Coolidge

    These are not necessarily my ten favourite authors. These are not ten books everyone should read before they die; they are not the ten best books I have ever read. But they are my favourite books.

    They are books that I, at some point in my life, fell in love with, as completely and as passionately as I could ever fall in love with another person. They are books that have shaped me; books that have inspired me; books I don't own, but which own me. They are books I could not live without. They are books I will remember, long after I have forgotten everything else. And that, I think, is pretty good criteria to judge by.
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    From [ profile] alixtii:

    Take the five books nearest you, and use the following sentences to make a passage:

    Book 1 - first sentence
    Book 2 - last sentence, page 50
    Book 3 - second sentence, page 100
    Book 4 - next to last sentence, page 150
    Book 5 - final sentence


    It ended with a dream. Ten minutes of instruction hadn't made me a crack shot. I can explain. Why, all his behaviours did make their retire to the court of his eye, peeping through desire; his heart, like an agate, with your print impress'd, proud with his form, in his eye pride express'd: his tongue, all impatient to speak and not see, did stumble with haste in his eyesight to be; all senses to that sense did make their repair, to feel only looking on fairest of fair, methought all his senses were lock'd in his eye, as jewels in crystal for some prince to buy; who ten'dring their own worth from where they were glass'd, did point you to buy them, along as you pass'd. Then he is a dead man said Joe Byrne he has just decided.


    And, just because that was possibly the awesomest passage ever, the books:

    Kushiel's Avatar, Jacqueline Carey
    One for the Money, Janet Evanovich
    Everyone Worth Knowing, Lauren Weisberger
    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Oxford University Press (and particularly, Love's Labour's Lost)
    True History of the Kelly Gang, Peter Carey


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