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Trick or Treat 2016

Dear writer:

Thank you so much for writing me a fic! As far as tricks vs treats go, my likes/prompts lean more towards the light and fluffy end, but I'd be happy to receive something horror or Halloween-themed as long as it's not super dark (depending on the fandom - in general, I most enjoy fics that feel similar to canon in tone, if not in content). Also, while some of my prompts are Halloween-specific, please don't feel you have to give a 'themed' fic - I would be 100% thrilled to read anything about any of these fandoms.

You can find me on AO3 as Zhailei.

Favourite things in general:

  • Ensemble fics, banter, makeouts, unresolved (and resolved) sexual tension, romantic comedy, action/adventure, casefic, wacky hijinks, humour, crack, PWPs, apocalypses (zombie or otherwise), and ridiculous AUs

  • Tropes and clich├ęs - fake dating, forced proximity, trapped together, sharing a bed, accidental marriage, bachelor auctions, truth or dare, sex pollen, accidental stimulation, wall!sex, frottage, etc. The more shameless the better!

  • First times, secret relationships, casual hookups, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and rekindling old relationships

  • People being in love without having to say it, people who are obviously in love but maybe don't realise it, ridiculously overblown romantic gestures where one person (willingly) completely embarrasses themselves, and small gestures that mean a whole lot more than they seem to

  • Things I'd prefer not to receive:

  • Unhappy endings

  • Character studies/introspection/alternate POV on canon events

  • First person POV

  • Issue fic

  • Avalon High (Allie Pennington)

    Okay, so: While I was watching this for the first time, I enjoyed it (mostly because of Britt Robertson's face, ngl), AND THEN THE ENDING HAPPENED AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE 1000%. Basically this movie hit on some of my favourite tropes crazy hard, and I really just want more of any of that. I'd be equally happy to read something set in the 'real world' post-movie, or something that deals more with the mythological aspect of the story and characters (including past lives), or anything that blends the two. Does Allie have to go on a modern-day quest (could be a genuine adventure, or something simple like a scavenger hunt)? Would she dress up as King Arthur for Halloween? (Miles would 100% dress up as Merlin.) What if a spell gone awry caused costumes to become reality, or another fun-slash-disastrous mishap?

    Pairing(s): Gen

    Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

    I have a strong preference for Batgirl-era Steph, though if you wanted to go way back and write Robin!Steph, I would be totally cool with that, as long as there's none of the part where everybody tells her she sucks and then Batman fires her. I love, love Batgirl!Steph, though, and what I would love most of all is more of that - the series ended far too soon, and there are so many adventures I would still love to see her have (anything from the end of the last issue would be amazing to read about, as would anything you can come up with on your own). Does Halloween really bring out the crazy in Gotham? Does Steph try to take the night off to go to a party? I'm also totally cool with AUs and/or crossovers with other DC properties - what about the universe where Steph is a Green Lantern? The one where she's Nightwing? Where she's part of a team who love her and aren't jerks?

    Pairing(s): Bruce/Steph, Gage/Steph, Dick/Steph

    Big Time Rush (Lucy Stone, Camille Roberts, Katie Knight, Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, Carlos Garcia, James Diamond)

    I love everyone on this show - I would really love some kind of ensemble fic, if you're up to that, but I would also love pretty much any kind of fic about any or all of these characters. I love Camille's craziness, and her method acting, and the way she absolutely is not shy about going after whatever she wants (especially when that something is Logan); I love Lucy's whole rocker chick thing and the way she makes Kendall's head explode and the way she notices but ultimately embraces the crazy; I love how Katie can accomplish pretty much anything she sets her mind to and generally just owns everyone else all the time. I love the four guys and their friendship and ridiculousness and stupid faces (<3), and the relationships between pretty much everybody, and the completely ridiculous tone of the show, so I'd love fic that embraces any or all of that. Do the boys try to throw a Halloween party? Does Camille get *way* too into her costume? Does Katie single-handedly save the world from the apocalypse without anyone noticing>

    Pairing(s): Lucy/Kendall, Logan/Camille

    Bodacious Space Pirates (Katou Marika)

    I love this show so much. SPACE PIRATES!!!!, basically. I love Marika, and the yacht club and her space pirate crew; I love how she jumps into things headfirst and sometimes messes up but is actually a pretty decent captain; I love how her captaincy was passed down from her dad but the real legacy comes from her mum, who is super amazing. I also really love Chiaki and her accidental friendship with/crush on Marika, and I love it when her dad teases her about that <3 I'd love to read anything set during or post-canon, featuring the yacht club or the Bentenmaru crew or both, especially if it features more ridiculous space adventures and occasional piracy. What kind of events do they celebrate? Are there regional celebrations or rituals that differ between planets, or between ships? Does the Bentenmaru crew ever try to trick the newbie captain?

    Pairing(s): Marika/Chiaki

    The Dark Knight Legacy (Stephanie Brown)

    I came out of The Dark Knight Rises really wanting John Blake and Stephanie Brown to meet. AND THEN SOMEBODY MADE THIS AND IT'S LIKE IT WAS JUST FOR ME. I love the concept of Blake being Nightwing instead of jumping straight into replacing Batman, and the introduction of Red Hood and Penguin, and Steph being a cop - and since we won't be getting a continuation of the series, I desperately want to see what happens next. Do Steph and Nightwing work together, or do they sometimes end up clashing? Is Arthur Brown still Cluemaster? Does Batman need a Robin? A Batgirl? Does he decide to take up the mantle of Batman and pass Nightwing onto her? Make up anything, tell me about it!

    Pairing(s): Blake/Steph

    New Game (Ahagon Umiko, Takimoto Hifumi, Suzukaze Aoba, Yagami Kou)

    This is my favourite new anime this season. So adorable! I love all the characters, and ensemble fic would be more than welcome, but the nominated characters are my favourites. I love Aoba's enthusiasm, and her relationship with Hifumi and the other girls, and how Hifumi has started to come out of her shell. I love Umiko's attitude, and Kou's ... everything, really. I'd love to read a day in the life fic where nothing much happens, or a fic where something disastrous happens and they have to deal with it, or the whole team going out for an activity - what would the Obligatory Beach Episode of New Game look like? Or for a 'trick', I bet Umiko has been preparing her whole life for the zombie apocalypse.

    Pairing(s): Any

    Princess Protection Program (Carter Mason, Rosalinda Fiore)

    aka. The Demi/Selena AU Where Demi Is A Princess And Selena Is A High School Student And Then They Fall In Love. Or, that's pretty much the movie I was watching, anyway. Really anything would be awesome, set during the movie or afterwards, and I don't mind whether or not you choose to use the last scene where they join D.E.B.S. the Princess Protection Program. Carter and Rosie rescuing princesses together and maybe Rosie sometimes gets a little jealous because, hello, she knows Carter's type! PPP: The College Years! Adventures in Ruling a Country That is Not on Most Maps! Are there American traditions besides prom that Carter still has to explain to Rosie - or does the culture clash run both ways when Costa Luna has some of its own?

    Pairing(s): Carter/Rosie

    Teen Titans (Rose Wilson)

    I love Rose's attitude and her general badassery and the way she's combative and rage-y and sometimes struggles with being a superhero. I love how she flirts with basically everyone. I love how she started off as a bad guy trying to be her dad, and, yeah, sometimes she has a hard time not killing people. But she's trying. I particularly love pre-reboot Rose and her place in the Teen Titans, and her appearance in the Renegade arc of Nightwing was also super amazing, so anything set in either of those eras would be particularly fantastic. A particularly funny/disastrous/horrific mission with the Titans? What do they like to celebrate in their downtime, and how much does Rose hate it? How would a team-up with Dick go now that she's grown up a little?

    Pairing(s): Kon/Rose, Dick/Rose

    Tiny Titans (Donna Troy, Koriand'r, Rose Wilson, Stephanie Brown, Alfred Pennyworth)

    Seriously anything!!!! Tiny Titans is one of my very favourite comics, and I would happily read about anything or anyone in this universe. The nominated characters are some of my favourites (Kory and her adorable space pet! Rose and her super embarrassing dad! The best Alfred in any continuity! ALL THE ROBINS! ALL THE BATGIRLS! DONNA!!!), but if there's somebody else you'd love to write about, please do! As long as it captures some of the fun and playfulness and ridiculousness and sheer adorability of the series, I'd be super thrilled to read absolutely anything. (Including, but not limited to: More Robins! Batgirl parties! Space adventures! Treehouse adventures! Pet club adventures! Batcave adventures! Literally any kind of adventure ever!)

    Pairing(s): Gen

    Yuru Yuri (Furutani Himawari, Ohmuro Sakurako, Sugiura Ayano, Toshinou Kyouko)

    This show is one of my favourites, and so are all the nominated characters. I'd love to read about more of their ridiculous (non-)adventures - what ridiculous/amazing idea has Kyouko come up with lately? Does it force Ayano to keep protesting that she hates Kyouko, or does the truth come out despite her best efforts? Do Sakurako and Himawari wear the same costume to an event - or worse, do they accidentally wear a matching couple's costume? Show me a game of truth or dare, or some other stupid game Kyouko probably made up. We've already had beach, bath, and hot springs episodes - what other anime tropes can we squeeze in? (Or just do those ones again, I'm always a fan.)

    Pairing(s): Kyouko/Ayano, Sakurako/Himawari