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Taking a break from all my worries


1. Unpopular opinions meme!

Name a fandom I participate in/have participated in and I'll list my three most unpopular opinions about it.

2. I have a bunch of icons to talk about from that meme that was floating around, let me know if you want me to pick some of yours.

April ♥ This is still my only Parks & Rec icon, which is pretty sad, but I adore April, so. I love how bright and colourful this is, ALSO HER NAME IS JANET SNAKEHOLE, HER DAD OWNS THIS PLACE. HOW IS THIS SHOW SO AMAZING.

DANY ♥ ♥ ♥ She is my very favourite always, in the sow and in the books. Also, Dany/Jorah, which is never a thing I thought I would ever ship after reading the books (okay, book, I am so behind on that), is kind of amazing in the show. HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HER, I LIKE THAT IN A GUY.

Okay, so I am actually way behind on Pretty Little Liars, but I am pretty much behind on everything, so. Hanna might actually be my favourite (I adore Emily, and she's so my type, but I didn't love the whole Toby thing, or all the ~angst) - anyway, this is a not-great but super entertaining show, and I love the relationships between all the girls.

BROOKE DAVIS > YOU. I will forever love One Tree Hill, even if I haven't watched it since ... mid-season seven? Anyway, this is from season three (I think?) when the show was still super amazing, and I love the colour on this one, too.

BATMAN TIGHTS. This is my new default icon - I always get sick of mine after a while and have to change it up, but I don't like using fandom\ icons as my default. Anyway, I love this one, I think it's fannish without actually being fendom-specific (except in a way where it's also totally relevant to Young Justice, THANK YOU EVERYONE ON MY FLIST WHO IS OBSESSED WITH THAT SHOW, IT IS AMAZING.

I was always predisposed to like Lauren, SHE IS MELISSA GEORGE OKAY, I HAD SUCH A HUGE CRUSH ON HER GROWING UP I USED TO STYLE MY HAIR EXACTLY LIKE HERS. I have a feeling this opinion probably isn't shared by fandom at large? Whatever, she's amazing; the last episode of Alias I watched was actually the one with the ~big reveal, I should probably get back to that.

Mostly I like this icon because it's pretty, but I always like to have at least one Six icon in my rotation. I WILL NEVER GET RID OF MY MULTITUDE OF BSG ICONS, DEAL WITH IT. Gaius/Caprica was my suprise OTP at the end of the show - it shocked me how much I actually cared about them ending up together, but maybe not as much as it shocked me that it actually happened?

BUT MY FAVOURITE IS STILL ALL THE EIGHTS. Athena is maybe my second favourite character ever (behind Buffy), I fell in love with every version of her straight away and never let go. Fun fact: Ages ago I actually made a fan edit of BSG season one that was just the Helo/Athena scenes on Caprica, IDEK, I just wanted to watch them over and over. Also, I would pretty much follow Grace Park anywhere, which is why Hawaii Five-0.

This is another one of my non-fandom-specific icons - I don't have a lot of them, but I like having them around. I think this one's pretty, IDEK.


... Okay, maybe it's just me. But I always loved Riley, and I liked their relationship, whatever. And this icon is cute and summer-y and happy, so I like it.

KEYWORD: TOTALLY NORMAL SIBLING BEHAVIOUR. Which I think sums up their relationship perfectly. I haven't actually written in this fandom for a while, but I still love it like crazy (unlike Disney fandom in general, WTF JUSTIN BIEBER, SELENA, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE CHOICES.)

I love this exchange between Dov and Gail - it's so bentery and partnery and amazing, before everything kind of fell apart. And I love that Chris is there in the background so it can double as my OT3 icon ♥ (Also, I actually made this icon myself - usually I don't do that, but Rookie Blue - and particularly non-Sam/Andy - icons were severely lacking at the time, so.)

AMY AND ELEVEN, BEST EVER. I haven't watched the second half of season six, and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the ~reveal, but I guess at least I've had time to get used to it? Whatever else happens, I'll always love Amy and Eleven best, and season five was amazing ♥

GAIUS BALTAR DOUBTS YOUR COMMITMENT TO SPARKLE MOTION. I love this icon - BSG doesn't have enough crack in canon, so it's nice to get some in fandom. And by 'some,' I mean ALL THE CRACK.

Drunk!Buffy <3. This doubles as my general drunk/celebration icon, it's super useful.

Roswell ♥ I loved this show when it was on, though that was way before I ever got into fandom (luckily, from what I've heard). I'll have to do a rewatch someday soon, I think. I'm still pretty sure no other show has made me cry as much as this one did.

I GUESS AT FIRST I WAS SCEPTICAL ABOUT BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN JOINING THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES? AND THEN HE WAS AMAZING, NEVERMIND. I really, really love Derek Reese, and I loved the complicated relationship between him and Sarah (and then him and Jesse), and I love the colouring and composition of this icon.

Confession: Sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn't 100% ship these two. I mean - I like them okay? And I'll happily read fic about them because it's all fantastic, but - IDK, it just was never something I got super into. But I do like them, and I pretty much need all the Rookie Blue icons, so.

Will and Alicia! They were amazing in season one, slightly less so in season two (at least until the finale); I've only seen the first episode of season three so far, so IDK how I'll feel about them as a couple, but I did dig the ridiculously graphic sex scene. RIDICULOUSLY. GRAPHIC.

CENTRE STAGE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO RIDICULOUSLY MUCH, it's actually been really awesome lately because I guess Amanda Schull retired from dancing? So she's been guest starring in a bunch of shows, SHE NEEDS TO KEEP DOING THAT. I NEED TO REWATCH THIS MOVIE. AND THEN MAYBE OFFER IT FOR YULETIDE.

I have actually just started watching Gossip Girl again, picking up from where I dropped it at the beginning of season three(!), and it's just as amazingly OTT as I remember it. I really, really love this icon, P.S. DAN HUMPHREY IS BAD AT SEX. (I used to really, genuinely hate Dan, but I'm pretty sure that's going to change once I get to the bit where I can ship him with Blair.)

UNLIKE BSG, FRASCAPE HAS ALL THE CRACK. And that's why it's my favourite. This is from one of the crackiest episodes where John's in some kind of Don Quixote video game/virtual reality situation, and Aeryn is the princess in a ridiculous blonde wig, it is the best.

Ashleigh = favourite. I actually still haven't watched the last season of Greek (oops!), I need to get on that, basically I just want all the good things for Ashleigh (and then for her to make out with Rebecca).

God, I love Cara. I'm still sad Legend of the Seeker was cancelled - there aren't enough fantasy shows on TV, and it managed to fill the Xena-sized hole in my heart. (In related news, I'm currently rewatching Xena.) I loved all the characters, but I especially loved Cara and her ~feelings and her flawlessness and her fabulous sexuality. Also, she found the bunny on the side of the road where it died of natural causes.

Nathan/Haley is still one of my favourite pairings (though in fandom I far prefer Brooke/Haley), and may be the standard by which I judge all teen romances. By which I mean, if you aren't married by the time you're seventeen, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? (Yeah, I would have thought I'd hate that. I so didn't.) ALSO, CHEERLEAER!HALEY IS MY FAVOURITE AND PRETTY MUCH ALL I EVER WANTED FROM THE SHOW, THANK YOU.

M'gann! ♥ Everybody was right and Young Justice is an amazing show, Hello, Megan, why wasn't I watching it before? I'm sad it wasn't eligible for yuletide (there's no way I'm wandering into the fandom at large in search of fic - I'd much rather stick to the little corner of fandom on my flist), but super happy so many of my friends love the show.

3. [personal profile] mfirefly10 gave me BSG, SGA, Farscape, and Veronica Mars to talk about my favourite characters:

Battlestar Galactica

I already mentioned this above, but ALL THE EIGHTS. I have a super hard time choosing between Boomer and Athena - I feel in love with Boomer first, obviously, but ultimately I'd probably choose Athena UNLESS I DON'T HAVE TO AND THEN I CHOOSE BOTH. Boomer and Athena both fascinate me - I find them intriguing and complex and sympathetic, though I'm still bitter at Boomer's storyline. I think she deserved better, and the Cavill thing was beyond gross, and THEN THERE WAS THAT TIME MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER KILLED MY OTHER FAVOURITE CHARACTER, AND THE FACT THAT THEY BOTH TECHNICALLY RAPED HELO BY MUTUALLY IMPERSONATING ONE ANOTHER, LET'S JUST NOT TALK ABOUT THAT. (Or about the fact that I was totally into Helo/Boomer, though obviously I wish the circumstances had been different.)

Stargate Atlantis

Teyla! It actually took me a few episodes to really fall for her, but once I did, I fell hard. On the topic of 'storylines for female characters I don't love,' you can include Teyla's pregnancy, though honestly I found most of the last two seasons mediocre at best. I love the show best when it's fun and ridiculous and team-y, and if Teyla never got as much opportunity to shine as I would have liked - well, it's Stargate, so it's not like I expected much better, and that's what fandom is for. (In this case, a very small part of fandom, but still.)


THE RADIANT AERYN SUN ♥ I love so many characters, but really, nobody can compare with Aeryn - she's competent and kick-ass and she grows so much over the course of the series, REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME SHE DID SCIENCE, IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING EVER.

Veronica Mars

In what I'm sure is a shocking turn on events: Veronica. She's snarky and smart and bitter, and she can hold a grudge forever and she never, ever gives up, and I think what I love best about her is that she isn't particularly nice, which is rare for female protagonists. (Or for female characters who are portrayed as sympathetic.) And I will always, always love the relationship between her and Keith - I'm a sucker for father-daughter relationships in general, but I'm pretty sure this is my favourite ever. I will never not cry at the end of season one, WHO'S YOUR DADDY.