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1. Unpopular opinions meme!

Name a fandom I participate in/have participated in and I'll list my three most unpopular opinions about it.

2. I have a bunch of icons to talk about from that meme that was floating around, let me know if you want me to pick some of yours.

Icons! )

3. [personal profile] mfirefly10 gave me BSG, SGA, Farscape, and Veronica Mars to talk about my favourite characters )
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Battlestar Galactica, Disney RPF, Dollhouse, Glee RPF, Greek, In Plain Sight, Life, Make It or Break It, The Middleman, The Office, Pretty Little Liars, Princess Protection Program, Tin Man, Wizards of Waverly Place, plus a couple of crossover fandoms.


Mnemonic Devices To Help You Remember How To Spell 'Mnemonic Devices' (Wizards Of Waverly Place)
Everything Is Not What It Seems (Disney RPF)
To Face Unafraid The Plans That We've Made (Disney RPF)
Our Faces Split The Coast In Half (Princess Protection Program)
Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Glee RPF)
How To Be A Domestic Goddess (Glee RPF)
Kiss And Tell (The Office)
A Dollar Seventy-Five Won't Buy You Much (In Space) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly)
Offer Me Alternatives (And I Decline) (Dollhouse)

The Déjà Fait Fate Destabilizer (The Middleman)
Never Kill A Boy On The First Date (Wizards Of Waverly Place)

They Shoot Cylons, Don't They? (The Forgiveness & Stuff Remix) (Battlestar Galactica)

The Greatest Adventure In The History Of Basic Cable (Tin Man)
It's Not Like The Greeks Invented The Marathon (Greek)
Might As Well Make It Bleed (In Plain Sight)
Interpersonal Hygiene (Life)

I Think We're Almost Legendary (Disney RPF)
The No Touching Rule (Make It Or Break It)
I Trust You (To Tie Me Up) (Pretty Little Liars)

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I made a really good start last month, and then ... well. Three fics in three different fandoms (Make It or Break It, Pretty Little Liars, and Disney RPF), about 10,000 words in total.

The No Touching Rule (Make It Or Break It - Sasha/Payson - PG-13 - 8495 words) Summer wants to teach the girls about abstinence. Lauren wants Summer to marry her dad, Kaylie wants Austin to leave her alone, Payson wants to forget she ever kissed her coach, and Sasha just wants his gym back. (And Payson, maybe.) Spoilers up to episode 2:8 - Rock Bottom.

I Trust You (To Tie Me Up) (Pretty Little Liars - Darren/Hanna - PG-13 - 392 words) This isn't a game, he says, but of course it is.

I Think We're Almost Legendary (Disney RPF - Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1300 words) Demi and Selena, filming the One And The Same music video.

Well, at least it's something, right? Plus it means I didn't flake out on [community profile] femslash10, which makes me happy. (In related news, my [ profile] girlsavesboyfic assignment is due pretty much now, and I've ... started it? So hopefully it will be done by the 7th.)

ALSO: [ profile] apocabigbang SIGN UPS ARE LIVE FOR ROUND TWO. I really loved this challenge last year - it was my first (and so far, only) big bang, and OMG APOCALYPSE. Only, I have no idea what to write for it! I mean, I could write Wizards of Waverly Place again, obviously, but I also maybe wouldn't mind trying something new? Or maybe I should just go with what I know works for me, IDK. Any and all suggestions are welcome in the comments!

(Speaking of which - prompt fics are coming, I swear. I've just been super busy with uni assignments and other RL stuff, so everything's happening a bit more slowly than usual, but it's still happening.)
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Title: I Trust You (To Tie Me Up)
Fandom: Pretty Little Liars
Pairing(s): Darren/Hanna
Word Count: 392
Rating: PG-13

Summary: This isn't a game, he says, but of course it is.

Notes: Written for [personal profile] torigates' small fandom and rare pairing drabblethon.

Come away with me, I won't bite )
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Ahem. So. I finished my first semester of grad school! Classes are over, exams are over, placements are over. And now I have a whole month off, which is so ridiculous I can barely even process it right now. In a good way. My time will be my own again! I can barely even remember what that's like.

Anyway, onto Things That Are More Fun (But Are Not News, Some Of Them Happened In April, Whatever, I Have Been Gone For A Really Long Time):

- I finished [ profile] bsg_remix (which I still haven't reposted here, oops!). And I got two awesome remixes in return: Sharon by [personal profile] frolicndetour, and The Marble And The Sculptor by [ profile] olaf47.

- I had to drop out of Remix Redux, sadface. But I still received a remix (which I feel guilty about, but it's awesome, so): Fair Play by [ profile] penknife.

- ... and [ profile] chaos_thon, too.

- But, my [ profile] help_haiti fic is actually coming along! It has a plot and an outline and words and everything! And it's only four and a half months late and counting ...

- And I signed up for [community profile] femslash10, double yay! Because, did I mention I HAVE A WHOLE MONTH OFF? (Although: I did not ask for Tawni/Sonny femslash, even though I really wanted it, because nobody signed up to write Sonny With A Chance. I also did not ask for the WOWP/PPP crossover where Alex has to take care of this princessy chick, ugh! and why is she cute?, even though I really want to read that, too, because half my requests are already about people shaped like Demi and Selena, and I figured that was maybe enough. Probably.)

- I thought I would have more to say here, because of how I've been gone for, like, five months. I actually do have a lot of things I wanted to post, but haven't on account of how they're no longer really relevant. Like, Things That Are Gay: All Disney Shows Ever (aka. WHY TAWNI AND SONNY ARE FOREVER SOUL MATES, IT'S CANON DAMMIT!, AND IF YOU THOUGHT STEVIE WAS REMOTELY STRAIGHT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHOW YOU WERE WATCHING, SERIOUSLY.) And Legend of the Seeker (spoilers: it's over! I'm sad!), and how I watched (and loved!) this season of Doctor Who, but that's over too, and Things That Are Gay, Part Two: I'm actually watching Pretty Little Liars and I kind of love it, even though it's ridiculous. Okay, that one is more current, but whatever.


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