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2008 end of year fic roundup

Fandoms written in 2008: Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly, Firefly RPF, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl RPF, High School Musical RPF, How I Met Your Mother, Miss Match, NCIS, The Office, The Office RPF, One Tree Hill, One Tree Hill RPF, She's The Man, Smallville, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Supernatural, Torchwood, Torchwood RPF, The West Wing.

Number of fics: 92
Word count: 70,000
Total fandoms: 28
RPF: 7
Crossovers: 2

Length: 60 < 500 words, 32 > 500 words, 23 > 1000 words, 9 > 2500 words

Genres: 50 het, 22 gen, 19 femslash, 1 threesome (f/f/m)
POV: 62 female, 24 male, 5 mixed

Fics from the POV of a character of colour: 13
Fics featuring a character of colour: 22

Most written character: Donna Moss (21). Also Josh Lyman (18), Sam Seaborn (7), Brooke Davis (7), Aeryn Sun (6), John Crichton (5), Teyla Emmagan (5), Sam Carter (5), and Vala Mal Doran (5).

Most written pairing: Josh/Donna (13). Also John/Aeryn (4), John/Teyla (3), Sam/Ginger (2), Amy/Donna (2), Brooke/Haley (2), Brooke/Peyton (2), Brooke/Rachel (2), and Ryan/Kelly (2).

Most multishippy character: Donna Moss (Josh, Sam, Cliff, Amy) and Vala Mal Doran (Daniel, Cameron, Tomin, Sam). Also Sam Carter (Barrett, Vala, Keller), Teyla Emmagan (John, Lorne, Bates), Lorelai Gilmore (Luke, Dean, Jess), and Brooke Davis (Haley, Peyton, Rachel).

Most written fandom: The West Wing (25). Also Farscape (7), One Tree Hill (7), Stargate Atlantis (7), Stargate SG-1 (7), and The Office (5).

My favourite story this year: I really love This Unavoidable Thing Between Us and A Script Written By Committee, Drunk, mainly because, Sam/Ginger!! I love Ginger way more than it's healthy to love a tertiary character, and Sam is my favourite West Wing character ever, so Sam/Ginger ... I don't know, it makes me really happy.

Best story: There Is Never Enough Food (We're All Going To Die Hungry Remix) is probably one of the fics I'm happiest with; I like the style, I like the plot, I like the twist on the original fic. Plus, it's an apocafic remix, which are two things I really love.

Story most underappreciated by the universe: Exit Music (The Last Train From Mandyville). I think the crack label probably does this fic a disservice; it's more like meta-fic, maybe, but whatever it is, I really love it. It didn't get the biggest response, but I'm okay with that.

Most fun: Things This City Was Built On, Besides Rock And Roll, despite it being apocafic. I mean, it's really very fluffy, cracky apocafic, and I fell a little bit in love with it when I first received the prompt, even before I started writing. I should also give a special mention to White Chocolate Space Egg, which is just ... Teal'c! Daniel! The Easter Bunny! It's a cute fic, and it gives me warm fuzzies every time I read it.

Sexiest: A Picnic Date Ending In An Awkward Sexual Encounter, Told Chronologically Through Board-Game Titles, which I think did a really good job at evoking the sort of lazy summer drunken hook-up vibe I was going for. Also, it's Brooke/Haley, which I love an insane amount. I also really like the casualness of Finding Out True Love Is Blind; I don't write a lot of threesomes, but I was really happy with how this one turned out.

Hardest to write: Decent Days And Nights. For whatever reason, I had the hardest time writing this, even though I really like the pairing. I ended up loving the finished fic, though, so it was definitely worth it.

Most unintentionally telling: Probably For Reasons Unknown, which exposes one of my super-secret kinks, gay guy/straight girl pairings. I have no idea why it's such a big kink for me, or why I'm so ashamed of it, but there. Don't expect me to repeat it.

Biggest surprise: I'm going to say The Girl In The Box, for being the first time I wrote RPF. I had avoided it when I first got into fandom, but I finally started writing it for last year's [ profile] prettylightsfic, and I found that I really enjoyed it - so much that I signed up for the exchange again this year.

2009 goals: Last year, I said I wanted to write longer fics. I didn't quite manage that, but the last three fics I posted, plus the three yet-to-be-posted fics I wrote for holiday exchanges, were all over 2500 words, so maybe it's just taking me a while to warm up after a mid-year writing slump. Anyway, I'd like to keep working towards that, and also to spend more time working on original fiction.

2008 Fic Masterlist:

I'm Afraid I Think I'm (More Human Than Human Remix) (Battlestar Galactica - Boomer - PG-13 - 250 words) It's not like she was the only one keeping secrets. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Scattered. A remix of Five Things That Never Happened To Sharon Valerii (#3) by [ profile] projectjulie.

You've Got A Bad Poker Face (But I'm Not Playing To Win) (Battlestar Galactica - Anders/Racetrack - PG-13 - 160 words) If you can't be with the one you love.

Beauty Queen (Through The Looking Glass Remix) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy - PG - 200 words) Buffy competes in the Hemery High Beauty Pageant. A remix of Mirror Mirror, On The Wall by [ profile] scribblesinink.

Demons And Hellmouths And Ex-Boyfriends (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy, Riley, Sam - PG-13 - 4152 words) Not all Hellmouths are created equal. Set post-Chosen.

The End Of The World, In Five Steps Or Less (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Xander/Buffy - PG-13 - 1742 words) Five battles Buffy fought after the end of the world. Spoilers for all seasons of BtVS and AtS, plus the season eight comics.

Cake (or, Other Four-Letter Words) (Dark Angel - Alec/Max - PG-13 - 904 words) She blames Normal for all of this. Spoilers up to episode 2:21 - Freak Nation.

Consolation Prize (Dark Angel - Original Cindy/OFC - PG - 230 words) "She is so checking me out."

Loyalties And Marinara Sauce (Bizarre Love Triangle Remix) (Dark Angel - Logan, Alec, Max - PG - 250 words) "So what is this, a two man job or something?" A remix of Loyalties And Marinara Sauce by [ profile] amory_vain.

Genealogy (Doctor Who - Eight - G - 100 words) "I'm half-human." Spoilers up to episode 4:13 - Journey's End.

Supersonic (Doctor Who - Rose/Sarah Jane - PG-13 - 100 words) There are many uses for a sonic screwdriver (or sonic lipstick).

Dominating The Lesser Races (This Is Not The Way Home Remix) (Farscape - John - PG-13 - 250 words) Sometimes John wonders what his father would think, what other life he might have led than this. Spoilers up to episode 4:11 - Unrealized Reality. A remix of Dominating The Lesser Races by [ profile] lady_smith.

In Our Bedroom After The War (Farscape - John/Aeryn - PG - 200 words) It doesn't mean what you think. Spoilers up to episode 4:14 - Terra Firma.

Language Sex Violence Other (DNA Remix) (Farscape - Aeryn/Jool - PG-13 - 200 words) She's not as strong as she thinks. A remix of Learning Experiences by [ profile] astrogirl2.

Not Exactly Grandma's Secret Recipe (Farscape - John/Aeryn - PG - 160 words) She was tired of trying to learn how to make his Earth food.

There Is Never Enough Food (We're All Going To Die Hungry Remix) (Farscape - John/Aeryn - PG-13 - 1715 words) Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. Spoilers up to episode 2:1 - Mind The Baby. A remix of There Is Never Enough Food by [ profile] hossgal.

When I Grow Up (Farscape - Aeryn - PG-13 - 100 words) She's eighteen the day she's assigned to Pleisar Regiment.

You Play The Loving Woman, I'll Play The Faithful Man (Farscape - John/Aeryn - PG - 165 words) "I still don't see why I have to be naked."

Hero/Heroine (Firefly - Wash/Zoe - PG-13 - 417 words) Zoe saves the day and gets the guy.

Imagine Me And You (Firefly - Mal/Inara - PG-13 - 300 words) From anyone else, it would have been a compliment. From Mal, it sounded like an accusation.

Porcelain Dolls (Firefly - Inara, Kaylee, Mal - PG - 501 words) "You're like one of those dolls."

Decent Days And Nights (Friday Night Lights - Jason/Tyra - PG-13 - 2634 words) Scenes from a new life (in no particular order). Spoilers up to episode 2:9 - The Confession.

Cornflake Girl (Gilmore Girls - Dean/Lorelai - R - 150 words) This, she thinks, is so not happening.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Gilmore Girls - Luke/Lorelai - PG-13 - 1095 words) "I hear west Nantucket is nice this time of year." Spoilers up to episode 7:22 - Bon Voyage.

This Is Not A Romantic Comedy (Nick And Nora Remix) (Gilmore Girls - Jess/Lorelai - PG-13 - 500 words) There are things Jess doesn't do. Like kiss Lorelai Gilmore. Spoilers up to episode 2:5 - Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy. A remix of No Sid, No Nancy by [ profile] karathephantom.

Things This City Was Built On, Besides Rock And Roll (How I Met Your Mother - Barney/Robin - PG-13 - 3266 words) Barney and Robin accidentally destroy New York. Ted is Unhappy with them.

Drinking In LA (Miss Match - Kate, Victoria - PG-13 - 470 words) "Why am I not drunk yet?"

False Witness (NCIS - Tony/Kate - PG - 270 words) "It's not what it looked like."

Always A Bridesmaid (The Office - Ryan/Kelly - PG - 100 words) Kelly thinks she looks good in white. Spoilers up to episode 3:15 - Phyllis' Wedding.

Hand Soap And Green Lace (The Office - Karen/Pam - R - 465 words) "Don't think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jim?" Spoilers up to episode 3:21 - Women's Appreciation.

Jellicious (The Office - Ryan/Kelly - PG - 200 words) Usually, Ryan's pretty good at tuning Kelly out.

Kelly Kapoor Story Hour (The Office - Kelly - PG - 179 words) Ten people who may or may not have an opinion about Kelly Kapoor. Spoilers up to episode 3:23 - The Job and season four promos.

Quabity Assuance (The Office - Creed, Kelly - PG - 140 words) "You're in charge of quality assurance."

A Picnic Date Ending In An Awkward Sexual Encounter, Told Chronologically Through Board-Game Titles (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Haley - R - 1086 words) "The point of a picnic is to get drunk, get a tan, and watch the hot boys go past."

Almost Rhymes With Orange (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Haley - PG-13 - 200 words) It isn't always a good idea to distract Brooke Davis (and sometimes, it's a very good idea).

Finding Out True Love Is Blind (One Tree Hill - Nathan/Brooke/Haley - R - 2571 words) It happens in the girls' locker room, of all places, and all Haley can think is that she's suddenly become a cliché. Spoilers up to mid-season three.

Girlfriends With Benefits (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Rachel - PG - 185 words) Victoria would have a fit. Spoilers up to episode 5:1 - Four Years, Six Months, Two Days.

I Need You Around (A Movie Script Ending Remix) (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Peyton - PG-13 - 212 words) There's absolutely no reason she should be jealous. Spoilers up to episode 4:17 - It Gets Worse At Night. A remix of It Comes Down To I'm The One Always Around by [ profile] sinandmisery.

Silver Screen (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Rachel - PG-13 - 100 words) It always worked in the movies.

The Boys Of Summer (One Tree Hill - Brooke/Peyton - PG - 100 words) They don't need boys.

Token (She's The Man - Olivia/Viola - PG - 130 words) She tells herself it's for charity.

You And Me, We're A Front Page Story (Smallville - Clark/Lois - PG-13 - 4300 words) Top secret research. Undercover investigations. Close encounters of the physical kind. Just another day at the office. Spoilers up to episode 8:5 - Committed.

Papercuts (Sports Night - Dan, Kim - PG - 100 words) She's still not his secretary.

Anti-Trust (Stargate Atlantis - Ronon - PG-13 - 1015 words) "I don't trust them."

Glimpses Of A Private War (Stargate Atlantis - Bates/Teyla - PG - 244 words) If he hadn't seen her running for her life a minute ago, he'd almost think it hadn't happened.

In The Company Of Pretty Girls (Stargate Atlantis - Lorne/Teyla - PG - 2264 words) Lorne and Teyla are trapped together in a strange room in Atlantis, and Lorne's not holding his breath for Rodney to free them.

Kissing A Fool (Stargate Atlantis - John/Teyla - PG-13 - 2945 words) John and Teyla are married off world (maybe).

Quicksand (Stargate Atlantis - John/Teyla - PG-13 - 2246 words) "Waded through mud. Found primitive people who worship mud. Spent fruitless hours trying to negotiate for mud weapons before nearly being killed. Returned empty-handed and covered in mud."

She Will Always Be A Broken Girl (Stargate Atlantis - Sam/Keller - PG - 703 words) She's not really any better than this, except it's better than rusted underground chambers and rope swings over bottomless chasms. Spoilers up to episode 4:16 - Trio.

Sleep Now In The Fire (Stargate Atlantis - John/Teyla - PG - 100 words) She's radiant when he sees her. Spoilers up to episode 4:8 - The Seer.

Ask Me No Secrets And I'll Tell You No Lies (Stargate SG-1 - Sam/Vala - NC-17 - 2724 words) Vala isn't easy to figure out, but Sam's a quick learner. (Or, four times Sam and Vala were nearly caught, and one time they weren't.)

Break It Down (Stargate SG-1 - Cameron/Vala - NC-17 - 1241 words) Cameron figures he's got two options; he can run away, and let her know she's won, or he can try to regain control of the situation. Spoilers up to episode 9:19 - Crusade.

Like Prayers To Broken Stone (Stargate SG-1 - Tomin/Vala - NC-17 - 584 words) As he moves, she can hear the prayers of prostration cross his lips. Spoilers up to episode 9:19 - Crusade.

Protect And Serve (Stargate SG-1 - Barrett/Sam - PG-13 - 614 words) They're already too close, pressed against the side of the building, and his touch makes her jump.

The Case Of The Missing Jello (Among Others) (Stargate SG-1 - Teal'c, Vala - PG - 1228 words) Five times Teal'c and Vala cheated.

Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation (Stargate SG-1 - Ensemble - PG-13 - 894 words) Teal'c is good at keeping secrets. Just not quite as good as everyone else might think. Spoilers up to episode 10:20 - Unending.

White Chocolate Space Egg (Stargate SG-1 - Daniel, Teal'c - PG - 304 words) "You seemed to imply that the Easter Bunny is not real." Missing scene of sorts for episode 9:20 - Camelot.

Picture Perfect (Life Imitating Art Remix) (Supernatural - Dean, Jess - PG - 1000 words) Dean doesn't mean to enrol in art history, exactly. A remix of Imitating Life by [ profile] 2ndary_author.

Fitter Happier (Torchwood - Gwen/Martha - PG-13 - 2859 words) After Martha joins Torchwood, she and Gwen land themselves in a series of sticky situations. Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Exit Wounds.

A Script Written By Committee, Drunk (The West Wing - Sam/Ginger - PG-13 - 3594 words) "You can have the party here." Mild spoilers up to episode 3:20 - The Black Vera Wang.

And I Think The Dress Looks Nice On You (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 100 words) "You look like a doily."

Bright Red Star (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 200 words) "Did you know the Manhattan was created in honour of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden?"

Dressed In Cobras (The West Wing - Amy/Donna - PG-13 - 400 words) "I thought I saw a snake."

Drink To Me, Babe, Then (The West Wing - Sam/Donna - PG-13 - 171 words) This can't be what it looks like.

Exit Music (The Last Train From Mandyville) (The West Wing - Ensemble - PG - 1867 words) Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. (You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.) Spoilers up to episode 6:17 - A Good Day.

Honeymoon In D.C. (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 200 words) "It's illegal to sell mead?"

I Saved The World Today (Studies In Probability) (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 443 words) There's a list, somewhere in the White House, of possible scenarios for the apocalypse. Spoilers up to episode 6:9 - Impact Winter.

In Da Club (The West Wing - Ensemble - PG-13 - 200 words) "This is a strip club."

Internal Delegation (The West Wing - Josh, Donna - G - 629 words) "I'm going to draw a chart for her, with lines and arrows, clearly indicating that she answers to me, and she answers to Toby." Spoilers up to episode 1:2 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc.

Let's Make A Deal (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 200 words) "Why don't you have a date?"

Losing My Religion (The West Wing - Ensemble - PG-13 - 1000 words) The Ten Commandments, as observed by West Wing staffers. Spoilers up to episode 7:18 - Requiem.

No Surprises (The West Wing - Toby/Andy - PG-13 - 180 words) Party planning isn't as easy as it looks. Spoilers up to episode 4:5 - Debate Camp.

Rain City (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 147 words) It was just an observation.

Speaking In Tongues (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - R - 145 words) They've invented a whole new language. Spoilers up to episode 4:3 - College Kids.

Staccato (The West Wing - Amy/Donna - PG-13 - 475 words) Amy's fingers tap out a harsh rhythm on the wood. Spoilers up to episode 4:8 - Process Stories.

Striptease (Let Me Entertain You) (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 180 words) "Entertain me."

Sway With Me (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 181 words) He's sure the entire room is watching the way he can't tear his eyes away from her.

The Great Debate (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 165 words) There are, in fact, drinks on the plane. Spoilers up to episode 4:6 - Game On.

The Slip Up (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 156 words) She really needs to be more careful.

Things Fall Apart (The West Wing - Cliff/Donna - R - 340 words) She never expected it to end well. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - War Crimes.

This Unavoidable Thing Between Us (The West Wing - Sam/Ginger - PG-13 - 2356 words) Ginger gets lucky at a White House ball.

We've Got A File On You (The West Wing - Josh, Donna - G - 163 words) He's jumping up and down when she comes into his office.

When It Comes (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG - 183 words) She wasn't snooping.

Wrapped Up, And Blue (The West Wing - Josh/Donna - PG-13 - 148 words) "There's a wind chill factor."

Culturally Explicit (Real Person Fic - B.J. Novak/Mindy Kaling - PG-13 - 322 words) It's not like he hasn't met her parents before. Spoilers up to episode 3:6 - Diwali.

For Reasons Unknown (Real Person Fic - John Barrowman/Eve Myles - R - 396 words) There are a thousand reasons why they shouldn't be doing this, and every one of them makes her want to laugh.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Real Person Fic - Vanessa Hudgens/Ashley Tisdale - PG-13 - 193 words) Ashley's half sitting on her lap when her hand kind of slips and they laugh and then, there's kissing.

Notoriety (Like It's Going Out Of Fashion) (Real Person Fic - Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester - PG-13 - 630 words) Ed's the first to have the article pinned up.

Since The Shakespeare Changed Its Name (Real Person Fic - Torchwood Ensemble - PG - 374 words) "I could have an evil twin." Spoilers up to episode 2:13 - Exit Wounds.

The Girl In The Box (Real Person Fic - Sean Maher/Summer Glau - PG-13 - 1485 words) She could swear Joss was doing it on purpose. In which Nathan gets drunk, Joss thinks he's funny, and River is pregnant. Sort of.

Your Boyfriend Sucks (Real Person Fic - Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton - PG-13 - 435 words) She needs a shower, and now.

Dead Man's Party (Crossover - Studio 60/Sports Night - Jeannie/Kim - PG-13 - 297 words) Just another Studio 60 wrap party.

Sunset Boulevard (Crossover - The West Wing/Studio 60 - Ginger/Jeannie - PG-13 - 300 words) Sam's already complained twice about being offered jobs in development, and Ginger's not even sure what that is.