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It's only just a crush, it'll go away

TV is back on! I haven't actually started watching it yet, but there's a new Legend of the Seeker I'm very excited about. And BSG comes back in a few days ...

All my holiday exchange fics have been finished and posted:

Summer In The City (Merlin - Arthur/Morgana - PG - 3173 words) In which there is a summer festival, Morgana indulges in a spot of matchmaking, and she and Arthur fight. A lot. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - The Beginning Of The End. Written for [ profile] breakingbeads for [ profile] merlin_santa.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Farscape RPF - Ben Browder/Claudia Black - R - 3500 words) It's a good thing, he thinks, that John is supposed to be in love with Aeryn, or people might start asking questions. (aka. Five outfits Ben and Claudia wear, in varying degrees of ridiculousness.) Written for [ profile] sugargroupie for [ profile] yuletide.

Method Acting (Decipher Reflections From Reality) (One Tree Hill RPF - James Lafferty/Bethany Joy Galeotti - PG - 2694 words) Her life is measured out in almosts. (She almost took a risk, once, but it was only fiction.) Five times fiction and reality were almost the same thing. Written for [ profile] sugargroupie for [ profile] prettylightsfic.

So, yes, I ended up writing for the same person for Yuletide and Pretty Lights. And I could have written Ben/Claudia for both exchanges, but the Pretty Lights assignment came pretty much as I was just starting to rewatch One Tree Hill, so I decided to go for a little diversity instead. The Pretty Lights story ended up not being quite what I intended (it was supposed to be flirty and happy and fluffy, which it ended up being ... not so much), but I'm pretty happy with the way all my exchange fics turned out. And I'm very happy with what I received in return, so it was an excellent holiday ficathon season.

Even more exciting, apparently I've started writing Veronica Mars fic again:

Nice To Meet You Anyway (Veronica Mars - Casey/Veronica - PG-13 - 2462 words) Trust doesn't come that easily. Spoilers up to episode 1:9 - Drinking The Kool-Aid.

So, that's awesome. The time I spent in Veronica Mars fandom in early 2007 was some of the best time I've had in fandom, and I was more productive then than I've been in any other fandom. But then the cancellation of the show, and season three in general, left me a little less than enthused, and after I moved interstate, I never got quite back into the swing of it. I didn't write any VM fic at all in 2008, though I did rewatch season three with [ profile] talumin (mostly because I had to make him finish the series, and Mars, Bars in particular). But very rarely do I actually leave a fandom entirely; I still had bunches of half-written or plotted fics I maybe wanted to write some day - including about 10,000 words of half-finished shipwrecked-on-an-island fic (don't ask) I may or may not ever get around to completing - and I fully intended on coming back once my, I don't know, general malaise had vanished.

Which, apparently, is now. I finally decided it was time to rewatch the series (at least, the first two seasons), and when we got up to Drinking The Kool-Aid, I think I even surprised myself when I ended up wanting to write for it (Casey/Veronica ♥). So I did, and, yeah. Apparently that burst a dam or something, because suddenly I find myself right back where I was a year and a half ago, even to the point where I am, finally, writing the sequel to What Goes Down. I've already written the first part (of seven, it looks like), and ... I forgot how much I loved this series. Like, it may not be the best thing I've ever written, but it was probably the most fun, and it's so easy. So apparently, it wasn't the fandom, or my old house, or my habits or anything that kept me writing so much back then, but this fic in particular; I feel like I could write about Lamb and Veronica, in this universe I created for them, all day. Which, I actually used to do.

(Case in point: I've written about 4500 words for the series in the past couple of days, and I'm already feeling antsy because I want to write more. This is a good thing, I think.)

So I'm feeling very happily and productively fannish at the moment. Not to mention a couple of other fics I should be writing in Weeds and Skins, because I may be a lot of things, but lacking in new fandoms I am not. (OMG Tony/Effy! [ profile] falseeeyelashes, I blame you and your epic OTP picspam.)

So, I'm really not sure when I'm going to have time to get around to actually watching television, but I feel like I'm okay with that.
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VM fic?

VM Casey/Veronica fic?!?!??!

Oh, you're my new hero.

Welcome back.
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Thank you! It's good to be back - I missed this fandom :D