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I have not watched ALL the vids, because that would be insane (there are 174 vids!), but I did watch a lot, and they are all awesome. Since (unfortunately) I can't rec every single vid, here are a few of my very favourites:

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Fandoms written in 2009

Andromeda, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Brothers & Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CW RPF, Dark Angel, Dead Like Me, Disney RPF, Dollhouse, Doom, Farscape RPF, Firefly, Glee, Gossip Girl, Greek, Heroes, Legend Of The Seeker, Merlin, One Tree Hill, One Tree Hill RPF, Psych, Star Trek, Veronica Mars, Wizards Of Waverly Place, plus a couple of crossover fandoms.

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18 fics this month, about 34,000 words, which is pretty good. Even though I still haven't finished my [ profile] spook_me fic. Or To Wish Impossible Things.

And She Was (Brothers & Sisters - Rebecca - PG-13 - 5275 words) Justin discovers a time capsule video Rebecca made in high school. Set during early season two.

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Battlestar Galactica - Crashdown/Boomer - NC-17 - 950 words) "I'm not a Cylon." She says it the way she might have said I'm flying CAP tomorrow, like it's nothing of great importance. Spoilers up to episode 1:8 - Flesh And Bone, including deleted scenes.

Depth Perception (The Pursuit Of Happiness Remix) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Xander/Buffy - PG - 330 words) Even if it's not the Bronze, she can close her eyes, and pretend. A remix of Misery And Happiness by [ profile] allfireburns.

Half Life (The Death Or Something Like It Remix) (Dead Like Me - Mason/George - PG - 200 words) It's a little bit broken. A remix of What It All Comes Down To by [ profile] ineffort.

Starches And Other Inappropriate Temptations (The Slightly More British Remix) (Dollhouse - Dominic/Adelle - PG-13 - 250 words) She learned to read him long ago. A remix of Tangerines by [ profile] duh_i_read. Spoilers up to episode 1:7 - Echoes; vague allusions to the rest of season one.

They Sold You On Their Way (Bridezilla Remix) (Heroes - D.L./Niki - PG - 250 words) It's an old superstition, but good luck can't possibly hurt. A remix of Part Of The Job by [ profile] lotus0kid.

Bad Medicine Is What I Need (Star Trek - McCoy/Uhura - PG-13 - 2278 words) Uhura is absolutely brilliant ... at xenolinguistics. Her mandatory medical coursework, on the other hand, could use some help. Thankfully, McCoy has gallantly volunteered to tutor her.

À Ma Soeur (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 3562 words) Justin and Alex watch a movie. (That he doesn't enjoy. At all.)

Are Written On The Subway Walls (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 1952 words) Justin and Alex sneak out. Or at least, they try to.

Burn Your Life Down (Cities In Dust Remix) (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 500 words) She's always been good at ignoring danger signs. A remix of In Fire, In Ice by [ profile] moirariordan.

Don't Confess (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - NC-17 - 5132 words) Alex and Justin are forced to tutor Max. It doesn't exactly go smoothly. Spoilers up to episode 2:22 - My Tutor, Tutor.

In Plain Sight (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 3889 words) Justin's favourite things from his room are sometimes more interesting than Alex expects. Spoilers up to episode 2:23 - Paint By Committee.

Springs Eternal (The Redux Remix) (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - PG-13 - 500 words) A (very) fractured fairy tale. A remix of Fragmented by [ profile] applepips16. Spoilers up to the movie.

The Shake Up (Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex - R - 6064 words) There's still something going on with Professor Dinklemeyer, and Alex is determined to get to the bottom of it. Justin still isn't sure he's on board. Spoilers up to episode 1:14 - Wizard School (Part Two). Sequel to The Night Moves.

Exactly Not Like A Fairytale (Ever After Remix) (Supernatural/The O.C. - Dean/Taylor - PG-13 - 500 words) Taylor's always had a habit of falling for boys who are nice to her. A remix of Exactly Not Like A Fairytale by [ profile] ineffort.

(Nobody Ever Made Me) Crazy Like This (Disney RPF - David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 756 words) She's still finding it a little difficult to concentrate. Or to speak. Thinking is mostly out of the question, too.

Hey, This Bottle Has Poison In It (Reading Can Save Lives) (Disney RPF - David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 658 words) Their first day back on set, everything is different, and nothing is.

Meet Me In Puerto Rico (Disney RPF - David Henrie/Selena Gomez - PG-13 - 1334 words) She has no idea where the line even is any more.

Also, I had a very fun Halloween. [ profile] talumin bought candy for trick-or-treaters, even though we don't really do that here, and we had a Halloween episode marathon - we watched Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place; Miss Match; How I Met Your Mother; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Office; Dark Angel; Grosse Pointe; Angel; and Wizards Of Waverly Place. And I dressed up as Pyjama Girl, which, shut up, is totally a real costume.

Now, um, I might actually write fic? Or something?
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Title: Half Life (The Death Or Something Like It Remix)
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Pairing(s): Mason/George
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG

Summary: It's a little bit broken.

Notes: A remix of What It All Comes Down To by [ profile] ineffort. Written for [ profile] remixthedrabble.

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[#1] [ profile] remixthedrabble authors have been revealed! I ended up writing three fics:

Should Fall Apart (The End Is The Beginning Is The End Remix) (Firefly - Mal/Inara - PG-13 - 100 words) It isn't at all the way she imagined it. Spoilers for the entire series, including Serenity. A remix of Should Fall Apart by [personal profile] trialia.

Is There A Box For "I'm Totally Gay?" (The Cover Girl Remix) (Gossip Girl - Blair/Jenny - PG - 100 words) She thinks about kissing the gloss right off Blair's lips. A remix of Not Your Girl by [personal profile] sionnain.

Confessor (The Intergalactic Communication Remix) (Stargate SG-1/Farscape - Cameron, Aeryn - PG - 100 words) She is only a soldier. A remix of untitled by [personal profile] kernezelda.

And I got five remixes written for me, which is totally awesome:

Know Thyself (Battlestar Galactica - Sharon - G - 100 words) by [ profile] juliet42. A remix of Eight.

The Hard Prayer (The Sacrificial Wolf Remix) (Battlestar Galactica - Helo, Sharon - PG - 100 words) by [ profile] paperflowered. A remix of After Me Comes The Flood.

The End Of The World (In 5 Steps Or Less): The Dubious Remix (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Xander/Buffy - PG - 100 words) by [personal profile] crevanfox. A remix of The End Of The World, In Five Steps Or Less.

When I Grow Up (The Blood And Gore Remix) (Farscape - Aeryn - PG-13 - 100 words) by [personal profile] crevanfox. A remix of When I Grow Up.

Delegation (Lost Souls Remix) (Dead Like Me/Reaper - Gladys, George, Sam - PG - 100 words) by [ profile] lotus0kid. A remix of Lost Souls.

[#2] I wrote fic for [personal profile] oxoniensis' porn battle:

Boredom Fades, But Infidelity's For Keeps (CW RPF - Alona Tal/Danneel Harris - PG-13 - 1348 words) She fucking hates these things, she really does.

I meant to write more, but I got some bad news last week and went MIA for a few days. Anyway, I'm still happy that I participated.

[#3] [ profile] bsg_pornbattle prompts are up! It doesn't start until the 26th, but I already can't wait. I missed out on writing anything the last round, so I'm going to try to get a jump on my remaining fic obligations to make sure I've got the free time this round.

[#4] I got my fic in for [ profile] bsg_remix (on time!), and I'm 99% sure I know what I'm going to write for [ profile] remixredux09. And it's awesome. I can't wait for the BSG Remix fics to go live!
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For easy reference, I now have all my fics listed by fandom at this post. And because it something I never really bothered to do, but probably should, I'm starting a series of fic roundup posts.

(Also, I wrote 12 fics this month, which is 12 more than I wrote in September, so yay. And added two new fandoms - four if you include the crossover ficlet.)

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Title: Lost Souls
Fandom: Dead Like Me/Reaper
Character(s): George, Sam
Word Count: 232
Rating: PG

Summary: The DMV is hell on earth in more ways than one.

Notes: Written for [ profile] iluvroadrunner6's Crack Crossover Drabblethon.

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